Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Having children five years apart can be an advantage, but lately it has been a disadvantage when it comes to "parental discretion" or shall I say "sibling discretion" Some of the movies I watch with Chelsea, Noah shouldn't watch, and the ones I watch with Lexie (which is very rare unless it's Enders game, the Hobbit, Star Wars Complete get the picture) Chelsea shouldn't really watch except the aforementioned ones. Well, lately Noah has been saying the word "disgusting" a little too much especially when Jon and I express affection towards each other. It's all rated G affection, but we do kiss peck each other on the mouth and give each other big hugs in front of the kids. I blame it on those love movies that we've been watching lately like Blended, and The Fault in Our Stars. The girls think it's sweet, but Noah will say, 

"Mommy...don't marry daddy. Mommy, don't kiss daddy on the mouth. That's disgusting!"

To tell you the truth I don't even think he completely understands what the word means. I had to explain it to him, and I believe he knows what it means now. When he told me to not marry daddy I said, "It's a little too late for that Noah. Like 20 years late!" He still didn't get it. When he told Jon not to kiss me, he kissed me even more, and Noah continued to say, "STOP daddy stop!" I'm sure he'll get over it. Then again...maybe he's being a little too protective of me. 

Noah's hair grows like a weed, and I love it. I love it! I love his hair. He looks so cute with it short, or long. However, there comes a point when it just has to be cut or trimmed especially when it starts hanging over his face, and gets called a "cute little girl" in public places. I've begun to let it slide, and I really don't care anymore if anyone calls him a girl. I'll just simply correct them, and move on. 

It wasn't until the other day at church he said, "I need a haircut daddy, my hair is poking me in my eye." 
Yep...I think it's time for a trim. 

So we found this really cool booster chair for Noah at IKEA last week, and because the color green doesn't coincide with our dining chairs I had put it against the wall. I guess it could blend in, but our table only has four chairs, and in my opinion looked a bit awkward. After we ate dinner Noah didn't move it back against the wall, he put it right next to one of the chairs, and said, 

"Moooooommmmm, I'm part of the family, please don't put my chair against the wall, leave it here." 
Having him saying that made me happy, and now I just leave it tucked under our table, and never move it...unless he says so. 

He is part of our family. A huge part, and the greatest blessing! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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