Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A few weeks ago my husband had the opportunity to baptize a youth at our church, and I'll tell you...when he was asked to perform this ordinance his was grinning ear-to-ear! The last time he baptized someone in the church was our 10 year old daughter. At the time she had just turned eight so it had been about two years. He loves it when he has the opportunity to baptize someone int the church whether it's an investigator or his own flesh and blood. It's times like these when he is reminded of his mission, and it never fails that every time I attend a baptism at my church I am always reminded of my own. The thoughts and feelings that come with nervousness were all too real, and somewhat familiar to me as I've witnessed some of the past baptisms we've had in the past. 

Let me tell you something. 

Those thoughts and feelings of nervousness are not feelings of "should I do this", or negativity  but come from happiness, and all that is good knowing that even though you are joining a church that is unfamiliar territory to you the end result of "belonging" is a blessing, and a feeling that only we can comprehend. The tears of joy, the tingling in our fingers, and that big smile we put on our face is not a facade, but real in all its glory. Because we have just given our life to the Savior, and have vowed to strive to live just like Him. Cleansing ourselves from any sins we have committed in hopes that we will never repeat the "big" (and even the small ones) again!

Though it may be tough for some of us to endure to the end it's so important to continue to remember the things, and promises of commitment we made at baptism. To remember to be strong, and live the gospel. To continue to attend all the meetings at church so that we can seize all the words that are coming out of every lesson taught to us during those three hours of church. To soak it all in so that it can strengthen us, and pray your heart out that we will never forget. Listening comes with strength, and unforgetfulness with out the listening comes with consequences. Consequences that can be avoided  if we put God first.

What an amazing experience and fresh start for anyone who comes unto Christ to change their life, and start anew.  The missionaries who serve throughout the world in finding those to seek what we're all about, and learning about Heavenly Father's plan have so much to share with all of us. I know this to be true because I felt it the moment two sisters came knocking on my door to deliver this video. That was it, and I was in. 

The ending to all the bitterness I harbored ended. Along with massive prayer, professional counseling, endless brutal writing in my journal, and being tested along my way to progressing in the gospel has helped me to become who I am today. It was the beginning of a beautiful life, and even though there are struggles in between it doesn't have to be the end. That's when I realized that we have a choice. A choice to look back at the promises we made to our Father in Heaven when we got baptized. My life will never be perfect, but knowing that I have made the choice to serve God with all my heart brings me a feeling of joy that only I can feel, and know for myself.

I pray this for anyone out there who wants a changer of heart.

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