Monday, February 9, 2015

Philly with Noah.

It's so cliche to say that time is fleeting with our children, but that sentiment is so true. Every winter seems to be flying by especially when my days are spent with Noah. Even on the gloomiest of days he makes winter so much fun. He amazes me in the conversations we've been having lately. He'll ask me questions about his sisters all going to school, and when it'll be his turn so he can finally use his backpack. He gets so excited when he sees both Lexie, and Chelsea doing homework. He'll immediately put pen to paper, and pretend that he's writing a story, or an essay. I explained to him that had to wait another nine months. He's like, "another nine months...why!" I continued to explain to him that he'll be almost six when he starts, and that he'll be the luckiest kid, and probably the smartest because he'll already know how to write his full name, and know his 1,2,3's and a,b,c's. I also mentioned that he'll be starting school in the fall when the weather is cooler, and that he can walk to the bus stop with Chelsea. That made him even more excited. Excited, but not patient! I then told him that we have four more months to do fun things together whether it's local, in the house, or in the city like taking the train in to venture out into places where his tummy, and brain will be fed. That's when he said, "So your taking advantage of me cause you want to go places with me right mommy?" I looked at him and thought to myself...did he really just say the word advantage, because there's so many times when I have talked out loud on the phone, or to Jon as to what I've done today, and my answers usually are, "Yeah...we went here, and we did this, we went to the park, and I took him out because I'm taking advantage of my days with him because before we know it summer will be here, and then he'll be in school, and mommy will be childless during the day!" I swear his mind is a total sponge! 

My goal for the next few months is to make my one on one time with this little dude fun in the most simplest way when it'll just be us (except when Jon has one day off during the week.) There were a couple of days last week when we ventured out to the city to go window shopping, and walk the streets of Chinatown. 
Noah grows tired pretty easily being that it has been super cold lately, but he's a good sport and will tough it out. I think all those times of taking him out to the park since birth has helped him accustom quite well to the cold. I mostly took a few photos of Noah, and food! Here he is in a candy store called Sweet Tooth where there is waayyyyy tooooooo much candy too choose from. His choices...swedish fish, and lego candy!
We had lunch at Reading Terminal Market where they have a variety of places to eat. It doesn't seem that long since we last ate here with the family but on this day we chose to eat some pork sandwiches at Tommy Dinic's...
It was a pretty delicious day with lots of walking. Although I don't mind the quietness in my community, sometimes the city is a perfect remedy for whenever I'm feeling confined in Jersey.
And lots of candy is another remedy for Noah...especially since Valentine's day is just around the corner!

Happy Monday! 

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