Friday, February 20, 2015

Gray's Papaya & The Doughnut Plant.

There are two things we love in this family... hot dogs, and donuts. Well...I don't necessarily love hot dogs, but put a Nathan's or a hebrew national frank on my bun and I'm sold! Ever since we moved to the east we have grown to really enjoy hot dogs...especially when we go to New York. Noah is the king of hot dogs. He can eat those every day if he could. There are only two conditions. The bun has to be soft, and they have to be a good tasting frank. Lately he hasn't been eating too many of them, and in a way I don't blame him. Unless I buy the Nathan's or Hebrew National brand. Noah knows good food, and every time we plan a trip to the city he has to have a hot dog from the cart in the corner. It wasn't until we all had Gray's Papaya. Now those are delicious!! I'm no huge fan of the dog, but take me to Gray's or Nathan's in coney island, and I'm one happy camper!
When I was pregnant with Sierra there was a donut shop in Salt Lake City called Banbury cross. I swear I ate like 6 donuts on every visit, and we probably went there three times a week throughout my entire pregnancy!! I am really picky when it comes to donuts, or any kind of carbs. Then again as I grow older I trrrrryyyyyyy to stay away from sweets. Not to hard because I really don't have much of a sweet tooth, but then again when I moved to the east I discovered quite a few bakeries in my area that are pretty good. McMillans bakery has got to be my favorite in South Jersey, but when we finally tried the Doughnut plant in New York city forget it. They blow them away! They're delish! The doughnut plant is unique, and they have all kinds of  different flavored doughnuts! 
^^^ I love the donut pillows on the wall. Very artsy. ^^^
^^^ This kind man whose name is Dean didn't mind me taking his picture. He was all smiles, and in spite of the hustle, and bustle (there was a long line) everyone behind the counter was super friendly! ^^^ 
^^^ We got all kinds of flavors to try. Tres leche, banana and peanut butter donut, chocolate glaze, carrot cake, coconut creme (my personal favorite), and creme brule. They were all scrumptious! ^^^ 
^^^ Chelsea giving a thumbs up to her favorite...chocolate! ^^^

Yep...we will definitely be coming back for more, and if you ever come out to the big apple these places are a must to eat! 

Have a great weekend! 

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