Friday, February 6, 2015

Lexie Lately.

The last time I wrote about Lexie was a little over a year ago. I hardly ever write too much about her partly because she is a really private person, and I respect that. She doesn't put herself out there on the internet too much because, well...she simply doesn't care for it (except Instagram). She is probably the only 15 year old in her high school without a Facebook or twitter. The older she gets the more focused she becomes in her academics. Besides...she's too busy to be around us too much to take photos so that I can really blog about her. Her days are spent all day at school where she'll come home around 9pm. Some of her friends, and teachers can't believe that she wakes up at 5am every day throughout the school year to attend early morning seminary. So technically she's up from 5am until about 11pm almost every single day. She knows how much I love to write about various topics, but about our life as well. Then again she knows I write this for her and her sibs, and because she loves me so much told me that it's okay to write about her even though this is out there for the world to see. 

So today I wanted to write a little bit about her, and how she has been doing lately since entering high school. 

As many of y'all know she cut off 12 inches of her hair last spring and after much debate as to whether or not she should grow it out she decided on her own motive to keep it short. I personally love her short hair, and true...there are moments when I miss her long hair, but in the end it's her choice, and I am with her all the way with her short hair. She has grown to like her pixie cut, and says that it's easier to maintain. She doesn't have to use a lot of shampoo or hair products, a blow dryer or straightener (not that she even used those gadgets). 

I love how unique she is in the way she dresses. She's simple, and doesn't care to be trendy. Sure she likes nice clothes, but it doesn't matter if it comes from a high end store. I appreciate that she's not one who will put us in the poorhouse! When Sierra was visiting over Christmas break she gave her some mascara and even though Lexie won't wear it she'll save it for a special occasion. Most 15 year olds today put too much makeup on, and they don't even need it! I admit when Lexie was younger I'd put a little bit of gloss on her, but now that she's gotten older rejects it, and doesn't care for it. In my eyes she is a natural beauty, and it's nice to see that she carries herself well without feeling the need to look beautiful by wearing makeup, or having to keep her long hair to make her feel beautiful. 

I really respect that, and love her even more for who she is. Here are a few photos I captured of her when she came home from school a couple of weeks ago. We were fooling around and since I hadn't taken any recent photos of her lately I randomly took these candid shots of her.

Here she is with her goofiness, and all...
I remember now it was National Hug Day when I took these photos. I sure do love this girl, and can't believe how quickly she is growing up. I am proud of who she is becoming, and that she sees herself in a different light when it comes to vanity. Who knows if she'll ever grow her hair out again, or when she'll start to wear some makeup, but that doesn't matter to me. Besides...she looks so darn cute with her hair short, and has a beautiful face. Her haircut frames her face perfectly! It's been pretty cool having a daughter who did something so brave, and selfless, as to cutting off all her hair so someone with cancer can wear it as a wig. 
Here's hoping she'll continue to succeed throughout the rest of her high school career, and pursues whatever dreams and goals she has. 

I sure am proud to be her mama! 

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