Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Baby Tooth...Gone!

For the past few days every time we would eat Noah would always say, mommy my teeth hurts, or my mouth hurts,  I can't eat anymore, or my tummy not feeling me well. I wondered why because he loves food and it was beginning to freak me out a bit because my girls never went through anything like this! Then it got me thinking...he does drink a lot of chocolate milk, and chews quite a bit of gum. He's like a prince with his chocolate milk meaning there are days when I will cater to him in the morning, and at night by giving him a cup of chocolate milk before bed. I try to ration it whenever I buy it, but when you have sisters it doesn't last very long. I have spoiled him with chocolate milk, and at this point I was thinking his teeth are hurting because he's developed a cavity, and has a toothache. 

Wrong diagnosis. 

When we woke up the next morning he came up to me and said, "mommy my tooth still hurts" and he was hanging on to one of his bottom teeth. That's when I noticed it was loose!! Oh my heart broke for just a second! I was in denial that my little boy was about to lose a tooth!! It never occurred to me that he'd have a loose tooth and that's what was bothering him every time he'd eat. His tooth was still in tact all throughout the day, and he did manage to eat some. 
Then the next morning he woke up, ran down the stairs, jumped on our bed, and showed off his tooth in his little hand! You'd think this rite of passage would have made him scared, but he was fearless, and a pretty good sport about it. I still couldn't believe it fell out that fast! There was no long term whining, pulling of the tooth by tying some thread to a doorknob, and no twisting it to get it to come out. It literally fell out overnight. After he showed it to us he seemed just as sad as I did. He was trying to put it back in his mouth. He kept saying (with a frown), "I can't put it back together mommy, i can't put it back in my mouth." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry because he's growing up!! I kept telling Jon "No, no, no I don't want my baby boy to grow up!!" And all Jon kept saying to me was, "It's  inevitable babe, he's going to grow older whether we want him to or not!"
^^^ This was taken the day before he lost his tooth, and had to include it on this post. Still can't believe how quickly it fell off! ^^^ 

But look how cute he looks without his tooth! It amazes me that the other tooth is already growing in!! You can't really see it, but it's there. I think telling him about the tooth fairy eased his mind especially when Chelsea told him about the money she gets. He got excited about it when she mentioned money! Not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing, but he is looking forward to "him" coming for a visit while he's asleep. He is calling his tooth fairy a "he"...not a "she."
^^^ Grateful that he has a beautiful smile and that he can hide the missing link! ^^^
I think he's accepted the fact that he's in the beginning stage of losing his teeth, and growing up...and so am I (tears!)

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