Friday, August 28, 2015


As August is coming to an end I think about the days I spent with Noah. When it was just me and him. All day. I've been one lucky mama to have spent five years alone with him. Noah is definitely my last child, and in all honesty it's a little heartbreaking. I love my children. I loved them when they were little, and I love them even more as they grow older, but boy will I miss these days of just hanging with my little guy exploring the universe together. 

Time is such a thief, and I know that this year is going to fly. I'm going to try my best to slow down this school year, and find joy in all the grades that my children are in. Especially with it being Noah's kindergarten year. I want to hang on to those precious moments before they fleet away. I want him to be able to remember the things he will be taught, and to know that I was there in his classroom helping. I want him to know that i care about his education even if he's just coloring pictures of the alphabet. I want him to know that I was there every step of the way. I want him to know that I'm not one of those moms who was counting the days for school to start so that I can  have time to myself and have all the kids out of the house, but to know that I'm excited for him, and his sisters to go to school because of knowledge in what they'll be learning. I want him to know how excited I'll be to share my mornings with him before school.

School resumes next Tuesday for Noah and Chelsea, and this is the first year of having one of my kids attending PM kindergarten. At first I was a tad bit disappointed because I would have loved for him to walk to the bus with Chelsea, but after thinking about it I actually don't mind, and don't feel the need to call the school to make a change. I'm a stay at home mom which means more flexibility for me than those moms who have to rush kids to school because they have to work in the morning. So I am looking forward to spending my mornings with him like we have been for the past five past years except that I'll be sending him off to school at noon which means we'll have four hours to make pancakes together, go for a walk, and just talk to him about anything and everything. I'm all for it, and am excited not only for the time I'll have with him in the morning, but for him to go to school! 

It makes me feel good knowing that he'll be coming home at the same time & on the same bus as Chelsea. Even though they bicker she is very protective of him. I see it in her eyes. Especially when I scold him after he's done something naughty (which is very rare) I know that she will protect him from any bullies or mean kids. Unfortunately she experienced that last year, and luckily it only happened once. I'm glad she had the courage to open her mouth to tell me and her teacher about that issue. So I know that she will be there for her brother at least for one year to guide and protect while they attend the same school. 

Next year he'll have to fend for himself'! With three older sisters and a mom like me I'm sure he'll have no problem. Although it's bittersweet, I'm trying to find the sweet in the bitter part of realizing that he's growing up too fast. His words, and attitude are maturing. I do look forward to those moments because it's a sign that he's changing, and growing up to be the best boy he can be. 

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