Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Our summer so far has consisted of the simplest outings from going to the orchard, to playing chess, and venturing out to places that our closer to home. And even though I'm excited for the crisp smell of fall, sweater wearing, apple picking, wrapping my neck with scarves I'm just not ready for summer to end. I am loving the time spent with the kids especially my two youngest. I have done more recreational things with them than I have ever done with my two oldest daughters, let alone my own childhood! Times sure have changed since before Chelsea, and Noah were born, and I'm so grateful for the time I make, and energy that I have to be able to do such things! We have spent endless hours at the beach, and have lived in the playground since spring began. I don't think that'll ever end anytime soon...especially when I have such an active boy! I have never been so active before in my life (except when i was in my teens, and 20's) when it comes to sports and my second home has been on the tennis courts. Noah definitely is my "gym" and keeps me active these days with all the running around we do when it's just me and him. It certainly saves me money on those gym memberships which I just can't justify paying no matter how cheap it is! I know that when school starts I'm going to spend my mornings easing back into yoga with a side of cardio which will include walking and/or biking on the bike trail (which reminds me I need to buy new sneakers because these one's are so yesterday!) I sure do count my blessings for living near a bike trail! No matter how hot summer can be she knows that as long as I have water in hand that I can endure the heat and tolerate the outdoors with all the critters, and humidity that it brings. 

Why, because i have my favorite people with me, and because they bring out the best in me, and the good in every season. And if you have a Snapchat you can see us live snapping away on a daily basis.  

Just take a look and see...
And now...I'm off to girls camp, and driving with a few tweens! yikes!!

Happy Tuesday, and I'll blog back in a few days! 

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