Friday, August 21, 2015


So this whole summer has been extremely interesting with the things that Noah has been saying. He's indeed growing up way too fast for my own good, and I'm really trying hard to keep up with these "noahisms" of his. Even though he'll be at school for half a day this year, I'm going to try my best to keep in mind the things he says to me about how his days are at school. That should be interesting, and I do look forward to that! 

But for now, here is what he has been saying as of late...

Even though I'll miss my cuddly buddy in the evenings I'm happy to say that Noah surprisingly has been wanting to get to bed early! I don't know if it's because of all the activity he's been doing lately with playing tennis, and spending our days at the beach, and neighbors pool because that sun has been pretty brutal all summer. The past couple of weeks he's been wanting to sleep in his own bed, and just the other night he said to me, "mom, it's okay that I won't be laying down next to you, because I'll be right here okay. Across the hall okay?" Although my heart tore just a bit, I couldn't help but to laugh. Knowing that my baby boy is no longer a baby, but a little boy growing and learning to be independent! 

Taco bell is not the greatest place to eat, but every once in a while I'll grab some tacos for a quick dinner. Noah seems to enjoy them so one night we made our own, and in all honesty I'd rather have homemade tacos than Taco Bell. Noah was so funny, and while Jon was making his taco he said to him, "make sure there are tomatoes, cheese,  lettuce, and pickle okay dad." He must have had hamburgers on his mind because there are no pickles in tacos, but we corrected him, and we thought he was pretty funny!

So one day we decided to go for a drive not knowing our destination (we're so spontaneous that way), and we accidentally embarked on a cove near the Delaware River. Upon reaching this destination Chelsea kept saying, "where are we going mom I'm getting bored in the car driving everywhere." Noah then started saying, "I'm bored too." Now mind you that was the first time he's ever uttered the word "bored" so he doesn't even know what the word means. When I asked him if he knew what the word "bored" meant he said, "it means silly goose right mommy?" 

Now I love shopping thrift, and it never fails. Every time we stop at a goodwill store he'll say (while twiddling his thumbs) "mom, mom, I know we're just gonna look, but if we have any monies, can we see if they have any transformers? Only if we have monies okay mommy? It pleases me that he's not a spoiled child, and demands to have a toy bought every time we enter a store. I think I've taught him well. 

This made me laugh so hard, and wish I would have recorded it: 
One day Chelsea was so ornery and was making mean faces. Noah finally said something to her. He said, "Chelsea, when you smile like this (he smiles handsomely) you look pretty, but when you make faces like this (makes a frown face) you look ugly." Ugly is  harsh of a word, but so true. I told him to say "not so pretty" next time!

So i had a few hershey kisses candy on my dresser, and Noah kept eyeballing them. He then asked, "can i have those hershey "pail" kisses?" Not sure if that was funny to you, but it was to me. 

Guess you had to be there :-) 

Happy Friday, and hope your weekend is wonderful! 

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