Monday, August 10, 2015


We have lived in the comforts of Jersey for seven years now, and we still have the most awesome neighbors. Our lives may be busy to the point where we only say hi and goodbye as we exit our homes in the morning, but nonetheless we look out for each other, ask if we can borrow eggs, sugar, milk, and at one point even asked if they had like two pieces of bread on a Sunday because of our neglect to shop during the week or on a Saturday! They've even let us "borrow" their pool when it opens up in the summertime! This has been such a treat for my kids especially since the little blue pool is no longer viable. Those pools can only last for so long, but luckily they were able to enjoy playing in it for a while.  

One thing I am most grateful for is that in the seven years I have lived in this borough I have never had one altercation with anyone on my block! And even though I have shared the gospel with them numerous times in conversation as well as bearing it as a gift to them over the holidays they have not once ever disrespected my beliefs. That's good neighboring, and I'm so grateful to be a part of this neighborhood. 

Just recently we had the chance to splash away, and enjoy our time in the pool on Jon's day off. With Jon driving in the hot sun all day it's nice to have a day off where he can just relax, and lay out by the pool. Of course he's inside the pool playing with the kids, and even taught Noah how to float. I would love to get him in swimming lessons, but have to find the time, and a place that's affordable. Chelsea also learned how to float, and swim on that day!! Yes...she's 10 and just barely learned how to swim. Don't laugh because I still can't swim that well, and I'm almost 44! 

It had been a while since we've been in their pool, and boy did it feel good stepping foot inside it again...

^^^ I spy Noah, a ball, and a pretty handsome guy on a turtle float. ^^^
^^^ Meant to capture Chelsea floating in the water, and here comes papa photobombing it in the background! ^^^

^^^ Noah taking a break after he nearly slipped from the steps in the pool, but by the grace of god doggie paddled, and stood on his tippy toes until Jon grabbed him! He was the closest to him! Almost gave me a heart attack! ^^^ 

This was such a fun day for the kids, and these moments are proof on the internet that show that it's the smallest, most simplest things that keeps these kids in good spirits. Who needs an extravagant trip to Hawaii, or Cancun (although that would be nice someday) when you have your neighbors pool! 
Summer...we really don't want you go, and I really don't want my neighbors to ever move!! 

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