Thursday, August 20, 2015


Oh, how i miss my girls being adolescent, but at the same time it's fun to see them all pretty grown up now, and to reflect back on these memories. I don't have too many of these photos in their scrapbooks, but it sure was fun to go down memory lane in pictures through my iPhoto from 2007 recalling all the fun things we did for the two years we lived in North Carolina. I can't recall how many times we went to the beach while living there, because the three hour drive permitted our time. All I know is that we took advantage when we would go and would stay all day soaking up the sun!! 

So why aren't I in any of these photos (insert frown emoji face here)? Oh...because Jon and I were both taking turns behind the camera. Truthfully...he took most of these. I think. 
Wilmington beach is so awesome! I thank my lucky stars for having lived in North Carolina even if it was just for two summers let alone going to the beach. It's so interesting to experience all types of beaches on different parts of the coasts, and this one by far has been a favorite. 

I wish Jon and I would have been in some of these photos instead of being behind the camera. I just love the way he captured some of these moments. He's such a good photographer. 

Cute Lexie as always smiling and never causing trouble for anyone (or her sisters.) She was always so agreeable in taking pictures of her. 
I can't believe these were taken almost nine years ago, and look how young they look! Now they are 10, 15, and 20! What!!!!! There's the one and only, unique Sierra. My goodness does her face look the same even to this day! Her features never change! 
My baby girl...she's always been sassy, and since the day she was born has always loved the water. She has always been fearless, and no matter how many times we'd tell her not to get too close to the water she'd refuse, and get even closer (she still does that!) Luckily she's always had her sisters watching over her. Can't believe this puppet is 10 and a half now!! 
I wish I could remember or have logged in some of the things that were said as we took these photos. I'm grateful for words, expressions, and for the chance that I have to put this down in writing as opposed to my kids looking at photos that are glued on fancy scrapbook paper. I want them to know that this moment was, and will always be on the top of my list. I want them to know that I'm sorry I didn't get into the pictures with them, and play with them in the water like I do now. I want them to know that I will always remember this day forever! 

And all the days to come!

***All pictures were taken with our old Nikon N4004! Sure do miss that camera.   

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