Monday, August 17, 2015


As I was looking on my calendar last week I realized that we only have two weeks of summer left before school resumes on September 1st!! How is that possible? I seriously cannot believe how quickly this summer is going. I am really hoping that Jon will make it out to the beach with us this summer so that he can go out in the water and play with the kids. He is such a huge help with the kids when he comes, and they love getting in the water with him. I think it's because Jon will have them jump super high against the waves, but I'm not that tall or strong enough to do that to a five year old, let alone a ten year old! I don't mind getting in the water with the kids, but sometimes I just want to finish that book that i'm currently reading you know? There are so many books I'd like to finish, but instead I find myself putting it down to play with the kiddos. I don't sigh, or whine I just set it down gently, and go. can i say no to this sweet face. 
This past weekend we ventured out to Spring Lake beach, and this time Lexie came with us with the rest of her summer homework in hand, but never opened up that AP history book! Chelsea and Noah kept bugging her to play in the water with them, and she did. She didn't even hesitate, and had so much fun with them. She is going to have a heavy load this school year taking all honors classes, and has tennis practice every day this week for two hours! So  going to the beach, and letting out all her energy with her sibs while jumping the waves was a remedy to any stress she'll incur in the coming weeks!  

Capturing these moments with the three kids I have left at home brought me so much joy. Underneath all the bickering they do as sibs lies a heart so soft, and they truly love each other. Lexie is a wonderful big sister to these two, and she reminds me of the time we went to Belmar with Sierra
 ^^^ Lexie took the time to help them build a sandcastle, and the end result was pretty cool! ^^^

^^^ The fact there is a park on the beach is a bonus for the kids, and we never leave the beach until they've had 30 minutes of play time! ^^^
No matter how hot, and humid it is, or what season we're in the beach is our favorite, and venturing out to the shore to listen to the sounds of the waves crashing is rejuvenating, and reminds me of the simplicity of life. Summer time is our favorite, and we are so grateful to live so close to one of God's beautiful creations! 

Happy Monday! 

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