Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Chelsea began tennis lessons back in July, and just like her sisters, and little brother she is loving it. I was excited that she had the same coach as Noah did when he took lessons, and coach Ron continues to do what he does best. They all begin with leg exercises, and skills that will help them be fast at hitting the ball on the court. One game in particular was called "drop and dash"  where they have their hands in a T, and they have two balls in each hand. As soon as they drop one of the balls their opponent dashes to grab it without dropping it on the ground. I saw Chelsea doing this one particular skill, and I have to say she was pretty quick at catching the ball. 
Some of the days were brutally hot, but luckily the kids are only out for an hour and half with lots of water on hand. It's so nice to see kids having an interest in tennis. It truly is a sport that I have always loved since I was little. Never played it in my high school years, but grateful to be playing it now with my kids in their spare time, and that my kids are showing a firm interest in it. I only hope that my two youngest will stick to it all the way up into high school (and maybe college!). My two oldest daughters didn't take lessons when they were toddler or elementary age, but they do have a love for the sport. 
It's always a bittersweet moment when tennis lessons are over, but I'm grateful for a wonderful coach who acknowledges my daughter, and tells me that she is ready for private lessons. I told Chelsea it's either cello, or tennis because right now i can't do both. Maybe later...but not right now. I can't even begin to tell you how much we sacrifice in order for our children to play an instrument or sport they love. In the end it is worth it because on their own motive they'll either love it, or they won't. So far they all have loved every activity, and instrument we've put them in, and it's so hard to tell them we can only do one. Private lessons are doable in the summer and spring for Chelsea, and Noah. But just because we have to wait until the spring doesn't meant that they can't play in the fall with family! 
I am so grateful that we as a family have a love for tennis, and that it is something that even if our kids don't pursue it in their future that we can always play it until we are 80 years old! 

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