Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I love books. I love the way old books smell whenever I enter a used bookstore, or even a library. It has been interesting to explore various libraries around my neck of the woods, and the other day my dear friend, and I along with our kids went to her local library to check out some books, and I'll tell ya...we could have been there all day! 

One thing I loved about this small, quaint library was the fact that it's super old school. Although it's a small library, it's big enough to accommodate enough people without getting claustrophobic, and her girls always leave with a ton of books that they enjoy reading which means their book selection is not too sparse. They don't have library cards with a bar code in the back. What they have are cards inside the books where they stamp the date, and you sign your name! Love that! Totally reminded me of my school days when I used to go to my school library, and check out books to read. One of my favorites books was The Watcher in the Woods. It was (still is) such a favorite of mine that I ended up getting it for free for being a part of the Texas Readers book club. Sound familiar to any my local Kingsvillian peeps?? The Watcher in the woods was the first young adult book i owned in which i read over, and over again. Poor thing was so dog eared that I think my mother got rid of it. No wonder I don't have it, but I guarantee I'll get my hands on a copy so my girls can read it! 
We had such a great day, and what I love about my friends is the fact that if you're a bookworm, I love you even more! I think that's why our girls get along so well because they all are all voracious readers, and have similar tastes in the books they read. 
Even though Chelsea is a few years younger than her girls she looks forward to reading certain books on their level. There are quite a few that are still too "young adult" for her so she'll wait to read them once she turns 12. She will stick with the Lemony Snicket, and Fabel Haven series for now! 
This is one library where they have a special play area for the kiddies. I understand that the play area is there for parents with small children, and I think that's great, but man was it a distraction for Noah. All he wanted to do was play with cars, and eat animal crackers. Since we weren't checking out any books for him here, I went ahead and had him play for a bit, and he was in heaven. 
I know reading is important to young children, and starting them off young is great, but they still need their play time, and if he's happy I'm happy. So playing with cars, and eating animal crackers made him happy which made me happy! 

And to be completely honest...I think we have half of the books that are on these book cases at home so keep on playing Noah. 

How cute is this doll house! I was so surprised that Chelsea didn't play with it. Really surprised because every once in a while she'll still play with her bitty baby, and dolls here at home. Kind of puts a sadness to this mama's face knowing that she may be getting out of the doll phase soon, and putting Josefina back in her box (tear...)
And what's a library without a movie section. Once I read a book that has been made into a movie I will watch it. The book has to be super good though, and so far the Maze Runner series is awesome! So looking forward to the Scorch Trials when it opens on the week of my birthday!

I tell ya this library is where it's at. You may think that because it's small and in an area where it's too hidden to even know it's an actual library, or feel that it's up to no good, it's not! Just like you can't judge a book by it's cover, you can't judge a library by it's location, or until you've actually entered in. I'm so glad we stopped in to check it out! Cute as can be, and the one man staff was very friendly (she's hiding behind her desk!)
After we spent a couple of hours in here, we then went to my local library which is a bit bigger, and has no play area. We all checked out a book, and Noah chose this one. 
^^^ Here he is flipping through the pages looking at the pictures. ^^^

He has now become obsessed with dogs, astronaut lingo, and outer space attire. Guess I'm going to have to make him some kind of jumpsuit so he can pretend that he's an astronaut (as if i can sew...NOT! ). He also wants a dog, but I told him not yet! 

I'm so thankful for the little libraries that are still functioning today. It's a shame that small libraries are slowing becoming obsolete due to funds being cut. That says a lot about our generation today. Kids don't seem to be reading enough, and adults have substituted an iPad or Kindle in place of a tangible book. Not me though. I'm too old school for my own good. Heck, I still carry a pad, and pen in my purse, and write people's phone numbers down in it instead of my iPhone! Sure wish Jersey would create some kind of book club for the youth like the one I was in when I was little. I know that incentive will encourage kids to read more. Plus...who wouldn't want free books! 

I personally love books, and one of these days I hope to have a "library" in my home. A room full of books. Kind of like the one in The Book Thief. Loved the setting of llsa's library where Liesel would go to find comfort in words, and escape. 

Words are inspiring, and no matter how old i get there is no way that I'll stop reading. 

No way. 

And I will always encourage my kids to do the same. 

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