Monday, August 3, 2015


One of the things that helps shape my life, helps me gain a more positive attitude, and allows me to see my life in a better perspective is finding ways to serve. To serve in different aspects. Not just signing up to take someone a meal, or give them a gift basket, but to actually be present in their life as a friend. I love serving when it comes to my neighbors, and people in, and outside of our church. But most all, I love serving in the temple. 

This past Saturday Jon, and I invited some dear friends of ours to go with us to the temple for a date night. We had been talking about doing a double date at the temple for quite some time now, and they were so happy when we told them we could take them. Although they have been to the temple in the past they have never entered inside the visitors center. For me, the visitors center is an uplifting place where one can become more familiar with the church. It is amazing to see all the changes they have in the visitors center. They have so many visual aids, and mini booths in which you can sit in to watch a simple video of what the church is about. I believe that these visual aids will gain more traffic, and attract anyone who is interested in learning more about the church, and the Savior. We spent at least three hours at the temple which included the visitors center. It was such a peaceful feeling to be inside the visitor center. The temple is so peaceful, and invigorating, but for those who cannot go inside the temple yet, just being inside the visitors center brings a spirit of comfort. 

Inside the visitors center you can watch a lot of videos including this one called Meet the Mormons. If you want to watch a good show with inspirational stories of conversion mixed with humility this is the show to watch. There are so many reminders inside the visitors center that remind me of my own conversion. From videos to the missionaries that are serving there. They are there all day happily waiting for anyone who is there to hear the gospel, and aid those who may have any questions. 
The temple is definitely one of the most holiest places on earth! I never, ever want to leave this place. I love the feeling I get when I enter in as well as the feeling i get when i exit out. Knowing that I helped serve in the temple refreshes my spirit, and I totally transform into a much stronger person. I don't attend the temple as much as I'd like, but in between the gap I sure do strive to live and feel the way I feel when I'm inside the temple. I do my best to "stand as a light" in this world to others. And although I love to travel, and do fun "worldly" things as a family I love mixing that in with spiritual things. To add goodness, and service into the mix. And going to the temple is a perfect solution to the temporal part of my life. 

I am so thankful that we were able to take our friends with us to the temple. Going on temple dates are my favorite, and I wish we could do that more often. The Philadelphia temple will be here before we know it, and I guarantee we will be going there on a weekly basis! Even if it's just us girls! 
Serving in the temple gives me the strength to endure all things, and it is never a chore for me. I never see it as something to do on a "check list", and i certainly don't look at it as a burden, or work. Yes, it's work. A very important work which I love to do. And because of the Savior, and all that He did for me in order to have the life I'm living I want to serve Him. And the more we attend the temple to serve, the more we grow, and love it. 
Even if it's just hanging out at the visitors center. 

Going to the temple was a great start to the month of August! 

Happy Monday! 

**Special thanks to the sweet sister missionary who took these photos of us. She did a great job! 

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