Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Four years have passed since the youth of our church went to Palmyra, and this past summer the youth endured the six hour drive to upstate New York to visit the sites. Youth conference, along with other church programs such as girls camp is something that my girls always look forward to every year. They love the camaraderie among friends as well as the spirit that it brings. 

When it comes to youth conference every stake in the church plans a spiritual activity. I know a few wards who have TREK every four years (which is something our stake should seriously consider in planning.) Some may have a temple trip like we did last year, but this year our youth traveled to Palmyra to visit all the historical sites. 

We almost didn't go this year, and I'm so glad that the youth went simply because not everyone in our church has ever been to upstate New York to explore, and see the history sites. So I'm extremely grateful that are stake president stuck to his word on having the youth go to Palmyra. So, so grateful

I know that if these youth take in all that they see, and put themselves in that moment of what happened in Palmyra including the hill cumorah, and sacred grove that they will feel the spirit. Testimonies will be strengthened, the spirit of the Lord will be felt so strong, and to learn about where the church started and to see it in person truly makes it more meaningful.

I remember when Sierra went with the youth four years ago. I remember how much fun she had, and how attuned she was with the spirit once she returned home. Having all those spiritual experiences throughout that summer really helped her deal with all the trials that she went through as well as issues that were harboring deep within her heart, and mind. It is remarkable to have talked with her about what she learned, and felt that summer because that was a very difficult year for her dealing with drama among "so called friends", and just overall life. And now...she's preparing for a mission!! Yay! 

We also had the opportunity this year to go to Palmyra as a family, and Lexie was excited to have also gone with the youth. She mentioned that it was different seeing the hill cumorah without the stage, but mentioned that the spirit was just as strong. 

Lexie didn't capture too many photos of her youth trip which is probably good because that meant that she was focusing more on listening, and enjoying time with her friends. Taking pictures is great and all, but to go without having that device of technology glued to your hand makes a huge difference, and you tend to pay more attention to your surroundings. 
I am so grateful for programs such as youth conference that remind our youth of the plan of salvation, happiness, and enduring to the end. And it is my hope that like her sister Sierra, Lexie will always remember what she is taught and to take that with her no matter where she goes once she is in college, and on her own. 

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