Friday, September 4, 2015


The weather couldn't have been more perfect last week. We had nothing but sunshine with zero percent humidity which made it perfect for us to sit comfortably without sweating profusely to watch Lexie play tennis. 

Last week she had two scrimmages and played exceptionally well. Jon was lucky enough to have had two days off to watch her play. It is always so nice for him to get days off during the week so he can sit with us and watch her play. It's so hard nowadays for parents to sit in on their kids games especially when they work during the day, but as luck would have it his days off fell on the same day as her scrimmages! Lucky duck! We all cheered her on as she was playing doubles. Noah and Chelsea sat on the bench like two little adults cheering her on as well. At times they would fight over the balls that were being thrown over the fence, but luckily there were enough balls for the both of them to keep, and then return after the game was over. It's so nice to see them interested in watching their older sister play. Gives me a lot of hope that they will both stick to playing tennis while their young. 
I love this time of year where we can sit in and go to Lexie's games. She has the heart and has a strong love for the game just as her sister did. I still remember the first time Sierra took her on the court to practice, and am so grateful she has developed a love for the game. She is passionate and worked hard practicing all summer so she can make the team which she did. I'm so proud of her, and hope that she'll have an amazing season, and continue to learn from her coaches all about the game and to win. 
Now how about that US Open? Any one been watching the games? That Federer is awesome, and we are still determined to go to Arthur Ashe stadium to attend a game, but for now I will settle watching my daughter play! 

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