Thursday, September 24, 2015


Putting the air condition to rest and opening up the windows is a breath of fresh air, and the 70 degree weather is a sure sign that fall is here. The white dresser in the entry of the small foyer of my living room that had Noah's shorts, t-shirts and swim gear have now been replaced with hoodies, beanies, and sweaters. Going upstairs to the attic where I stored the rest of our "fallish" clothing, and bringing them out made the girls all giddy. They too were looking forward to this season. 

As I opened up the green chest in my bedroom I couldn't help, but to feel like a little kid at Christmas time. I took out all the scarves, and light sweaters that were stowed away, and gently laid them out on my bed. The scarves, and sweaters that I've had for years, and leggings still fit! And that makes me happy. Even happier because that will make my bank account last a little longer. I grabbed the scarves, and hung them carefully on a hook behind my bedroom door to make sure I grab one when it's cold enough outside to wear it.

I'm grateful for this season. I'm grateful to be welcoming it with a birthday. I'm grateful to be living in my 44th year with young children who still enjoy 'all things fall' with me. 

Apple picking. 
Mum buying. 
Drinking hot chocolate. 
Baking lots of goodies (I don't, but my girls do!)
Picnics in our backyard.
Drives in the country. 
Leaf peeping.
Leaf wars. 
Fall foliage.
The smell of a wood burning stove. 
Peach jam.
Soups, and stews from a crock pot.
The mist that sometimes lingers when we wake up in the morning. 
Crisp air. 
Bon fires.
Hay rides.
Cuddling with my boys.
Chunky sweaters.
Warm socks.

Yes...I love autumn, and happy to have a birthday in the middle of it all! 
Happy Fall everyone, and a happy birthday to me! 

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