Friday, September 11, 2015


September tends to be both a happy, and somber month for me. Happy, because it's my birthday month, and because it's the beginning of fall to come. Somber because on this day 14 years ago at least 3000 people lost their lives. 

Memories of the day I heard that two planes crashed into the twin towers, as well as two others crashing towards the pentagon, and in Pennsylvania still haunts me. I can never forget what happened, and even more so when my family and I drive into the city. The first thing we see while crossing the bridge is a huge, tall, beautiful building as shiny, and clean as the eye can see. And every time we cross that bridge Chelsea will always mention how the freedom tower used to be the twin towers. She was about eight when she began this "ritual", and till this day it never fails that as soon we see the skyline from the Pulaski highway she will mention the twin towers, and how many people lost their lives that day. And Noah will utter the words "I see new york, I see New york!" It never gets old, and it makes me so grateful that our kids are being educated at school in regards to this day. 

We as parents have educated all of our children about what happened on this day as well as learning to love, and living each day as if there was no tomorrow. I want them to love hard, and accept everyone no matter who they are. To respect each other, their peers, teachers, but most of themselves. To laugh and to not take things personally. To never let the little things bother them, to always be kind to everyone no matter how different they may be, and to just focus on the precious moments that bring them joy. But most of never take anything or anyone for granted. Not school, not friends, not their family, not God, but most of all life. 

I tell ya...when you get older, and your youngest is off to school and you're no longer raising babies your life slowly changes. At least it is for me. And because of that I want to live my life each day as if it's my last. To strive every second of every day to overall be a kind, and loving person not only to others, but most of all to my family. 

When we went to the memorial earlier today in Pennsauken I immediately felt the spirit as I walked towards the huge granite with the words "we shall never forget" with all the times the planes crashed engraved on it. It still seems surreal, and to see 2,997 American flags displayed throughout the memorial was very humbling. One for each life that was lost. It is so nice to see the people of this community to volunteer and help put up all these flags since 2003.

 I snapped a few shots of the memorial, and what a simple, and beautiful memorial it is... 

So many lost loved ones on this day, and I can't even imagine what they go through year after year as they all gather around the memorial in the city to remember. I even heard on NPR news this morning how every year the crowds get smaller and smaller, but there is one 81 year old man whose son lost his life in the north tower, and how he has continued to gather where the bells toll for the past 14 years to remember his son. He also mentioned that he will continue to attend the memorial every year as long as he's breathing. Such amazing stories of strength, and perseverance. 

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