Friday, September 25, 2015


One cannot go to Philly without walking to the temple site to see how quickly it's progressing in being built, and what a beauty she is becoming. When we went to the franklin institute last week, we also went to the temple site. We all sat across the street from it watching the construction workers doing their job, and listening to the sounds of the city. We were already talking about making plans on what days we were going to attend once it's completed, and how we can work around the kids schedule during the school year so that Jon, and I can go on a date night to the temple every week. We are so fortunate to have a teenager who can watch her sibs, and we just cannot simply wait to take the train into  the city so that we can be spiritually fed on a weekly basis.  
Just standing around looking at it, I can tell that this temple is truly going to be the most beautiful building on Vine street.
These two love the city, and it makes my heart pitter patter when they don't mind walking to the temple site even though it's not built yet. They are always curious as to see what was added, and given that these two just love building things they look forward to seeing what's new with the temple. 

And now...the girls and I are preparing to watch the General Women's Broadcast via satellite tomorrow evening. It's worldwide, and I hope that y'all make the time to watch it!

Happy weekend! 

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