Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today Lexie begins her sophomore year of high school, and I couldn't be more pleased with who she is becoming. She truly is a light in my world, and we are so excited to see what this year holds for her! I have written this letter for her in hopes that she will fall back on whenever she's having to make hard decisions. Even though she is a great kid she is not exempt from all the poison that is lingering out in the world to damage our youth in all the good they are striving to do. Although this post was written three years ago I revamped it a bit specifically for her. I also write it for you too. For any youth out there who may have struggles, or for those of you who just need a reminder. I know I do! So this is for my daughter, and all the kids out there who are returning back to school today. 

But first I want to implement this scripture...

"Stand ye in holy places
and be not moved, 
until the day of the Lord come;
for behold it cometh quickly, 
saith the Lord." 
Doctrine & Covenants 87:8

Dear Lexie, 

If we understand the laws and commandments of the Lord, read our scriptures, and strive to do what is right in living the life of a christian, life won't be as hard, and there will be no need to get overwhelmed. Sure our lives get busy, and when we are at our lowest, that's when we want to give up. There are many times when I have felt that way in my life especially in my teens, but when I am reminded of the time I entered an unfamiliar church, and became a member life was better for me. And now that I am older and married with kids, I know that the Lord has kept me on His side in helping me to understand the blessings that come from being obedient in living the life, and work of the Lord. In the end I know it will all be have been for my own good, but most of all worth it. Plus, I am in love with all of the teachings that the gospel teaches everyone. 

As you know we continue to live in a harsh world, and it seems like the youth of every generation is being targeted with all kinds of temptation. One thing that you have as a reminder is written in the "For the strength of youth" pamphlet. That is the key to happiness throughout your high school career,  and knowing that that little book is out there puts me at ease in hopes that you will strive your best to keep your standards high. 

Even though your 15 the months will fly, and before you know you will be 16 which means you'll be allowed to go on actual dates. Yikes! Group dates mind you. Time goes by so fast, and because of time I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of why I wrote this three years ago, and why it's beneficial in your life today.

On music...

When it comes to listening to music choose the right kind. Please make sure that it is conducive to the spirit. If there are curse words in the lyrics or any sexual innuendos that you find offensive I highly advise you to skip to the next song. If you are at a school dance, and you hear that kind of music go to the bathroom, try super hard to block it out of your mind, or just find the nearest exit and leave. I don't care if it has a good beat to it, it's still not inviting a good spirit. Listening to that type of music can lead you into temptation, and dark territories that you just don't want to experience. Believe me i know. I grew up listening to the best music that had bad language, but because I wasn't active in any church I didn't know any better. Now I do, and so do you. So let's continue to listen to classical music, and 21 pilots. Also...no grinding train! Just had to add that on here! 

On bad language...
I know y'all cringe when people curse especially at school. Whether it's the D word, or the other word they use for poop, or the worst word of all which rhymes with suck. Always use clean language. I have used bad language in my lifetime, and never thought how awful it sounded until I heard someone else use it! I'm not perfect, and I know that I've slipped up from time to time because let's face it...I'm not perfect. So please don't follow my example. Try your very best to not be my inner voice at times of stress. I know that I have come a long way with my anger, and I am proud of that, and also pleased that you have never uttered such words so keep it up, and so will I! 

On dating...

There is a special someone out there waiting to sweep you off your feet. Take the time in searching for your prince when the time is right (preferably when you're in college), and most of all make sure it is someone that will take you to the temple. Make sure he holds the same standards as you, and has the same goals. Never lower your standards for anyone, and I mean anyone. Don't ever let a boy make you feel guilty for how you live your life. Don't ever be embarrassed in what, and who you stand for. Be selective when it comes to going on dates. Think with your head, and not your heart. There is no need to be exclusive with a boy throughout your teen years. Trust me...having a boyfriend in high school can become a headache. I know this from too much personal experience! Always go on group dates where you can. Laugh, and talk with everyone while on a date. The teen years are precious, and those years are the most crucial years of your life in finding out who you are. Focus on your schoolwork, but most of all just have clean fun! Enjoy this time in your young life! 

On serving...

Serving is something that I love to do especially when I am at my ultimate lowest. When my days are bleak with worry, or stress I will find a way to reach out to someone in need. Whether it's writing a letter, reading my scriptures, or picking up the phone to call someone, or even serving you. I see that attribute in you Lexie, and I am very pleased. Keep that up, and always find ways, but mostly the time to serve. Servin willingly and your life will be blessed. I guarantee that it will bring much happiness to your life. 

I love you very much, and pray for you daily. Be the example of living a christian life to your friends, and most of all your siblings. They look up to you just as you looked up to Sierra. Keep your standards high, and no matter how tough life gets always, always stand in holy places. 
And have a wonderful 2015-2016 school year! 

Peace and love, 


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