Monday, September 7, 2015


Living in our neck of the woods there is so much to do in honor of Labor Day weekend. We truly are one lucky folk to live in the tristate area where we are surrounded by so many beaches! The jersey shore truly is a blessing! 

Going to the beach this past weekend was such a spontaneous trip, but being that it was the "unofficial" last weekend of summer we decided to go. The kids did so well for their first week of school, and what better way to "officially" end their summer by going to the beach one more time. With Jon working, and Lexie burning the 'daylight oil' with getting her summer homework done it was just the three of us.
It was windy and the water was a bit colder than usual, but that didn't stop the kids from going, and jumping in. The water was choppy which made for some awesome waves. They didn't stay in too long and mostly played on the beach. I myself love getting in the water, but as soon as my feet touched it I was like, "I'm not getting in with you guys. I'm a fun mom, but not cool enough to get in the water and freeze! Naaa, I'll just stand back, and capture some shots of y'all while y'all brave the cold waves!" 
^^^ It was so nice seeing them splashing in the water, and playing in the sand without a care in the world. be a kid again! ^^^
^^^ It's become a routine that after we've played in the water, and had a little fun on the sand to go to the 'pirate ship park' and play. This is always per Noah's request. They love this little playground, and it's just too perfect for these kids! ^^^
^^^ Kids get hungry after hard playing at the beach. Am i right? So what better way to end the day with having some fried oreos. A friend of mine on Facebook asked what they were. It's a carnival favorite, and if you want to know more about them, or make them you can find a recipe here. ^^^
Noah also wanted an ice cream cone which began to melt in his little hand cause he couldn't eat it fast enough so I had to get a cup to put it in. Chelsea tried to help him out by helping him eat it, but to no avail. Those fried ores are too filling! Noah wanted to save the paper that was wrapped around the cone too. Apparently he's become obsessed with stars and stripes especially after seeing Rocky, and loves the american boxers he wears while fighting. Noah has requested a well as some boxing gloves. Oh boy!
This is a screenshot from my snapchat which is why it looks a bit blurrrrrry. If you're reading this post my snapchat of this day is long gone, but if you're on shapchat, and ever want to check out our "snapchat life" you can view it here: r_jorgensen. Anyway...we walked along the boardwalk after eating all that amazing junk food because hello...we need to let all that junk settle! I'm also very impressed that the kids didn't get a tummy ache after eating all that amazing junk! Our stomachs have become immune! 

And how about these pictures the kids took with their mama...hee hee me! 
Noah and Chelsea did a great job in capturing our smiling faces! Especially the one Noah took. His shot wasn't blurry at all! Very impressive for a five year old! Future photographer perhaps??? 

...and this picture of this beauty of mine who is almost 11!! Future model perhaps?? 

You can tell that we just love the beach, and coming here makes me forget about all the worries of the world. It was a nice start to our labor day weekend, and a great ending for these kiddos summer. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 

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