Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We couldn't let the summer go by without venturing out to a carnival for the kids to ride. It's like a rite of passage for children to go to a carnival.  So over labor day weekend we decided to go to the amusement park in Central Park. This was our first time going inside and actually riding the rides. Normally when we go to the park we always walk right past it, and hang out at the sheep meadow to relax while the kids run around. I find that as the kids hit four or five years of age that they tend to find the rides more enjoyable. I was really hoping that Fete Paradiso would come to Governors Island again this  year, but they didn't. The Victorian Gardens in central park passed the test, and it's truly a fun little park. The kids absolutely loved it including  Lexie!! She said she would help me with the kids, but ended up getting on a few rides herself. She has a deep love for roller coasters, and anything that goes sky high at any kind of amusement park. Our times spent at Coney Island were some of her most memorable moments, and so when we go to any kind of carnival, or amusement park her eyes light up like a little child!   
I only captured a few moments of the kids on the rides. I was too busy watching the kids especially Noah giggling and having a grand time on the rides. He did get on an airplane ride with papa, and even though Jon's legs were a tad bit too long he still managed to enjoy the ride! 
They even had the same pose when they got off the plane..
Lexie and I got on a couple of rides with the kids, but it was mostly Noah and Chelsea having the grand adventure of riding all the rides. 

^^^ excuse the blurriness of this photo. They kept turning that thing round and round! It was so hard to capture a clear shot! ^^^

^^^ Noah was so excited when he got more tickets to play a few games. ^^^
^^^ He even won this little duck for scoring 20 points. Then again...every one is a winner! ^^^

^^^ Noah and I even got to play this game where you get to hit a few animals heads! It was so fun playing against my little man! ^^^ 
 ^^^ The rockin tug was one of Noah's favorite. It rocked back and forth, and also turned around and around! It was so much fun! I also love my crew!! ^^^

We could have been here all day, and we actually were until night fell. It was such a beautiful day, and everyone was so nice to our kids. We then off went our merry way to enjoy the rest of our holiday. One thing for sure is that we will definitely come back and bring the kids again! 

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