Tuesday, September 22, 2015


As I was looking back at all the things we did this past summer I saw the simplicity of it all. I recalled all the times we ventured out to the shore, and various places close to home. 

But now...the sand shovels are put away as well as the kids swimming gear, beach bags, beach toys, and beach blankets are now tucked away in the basement. This summer went by way too quickly, and we were hanging on to it like there was no tomorrow. Soaking it up with dear friends was the icing on the cake, because sometimes you just need that extra company to add a little fun to the mix. All one needs to be happy here on the east coast is a trip to the beach. And that was always satisfying to my kids. 

Playing tennis, going to the zoo, and splash pads in the city made up for one joyful summer. Adding a couple of trips to New York City, Connecticut, and D.C. for good measure.

And I wouldn't trade it for any extravagant or exotic trip in the world. 

This summer, I have to say was the best one yet. Hearing the sounds of laughter from my children, and seeing them smile with their eyes is proof enough that their needs were met with a simple taste of summer. 

And with everything that the summer of '15 brought will hopefully last us well into the next year. 

Thank you summer for being so good to us, and although we hung on to you a little bit longer than we thought...we are ready to exit this exciting season. 

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