Monday, September 21, 2015


So two weeks have passed since Noah started kindergarten and I have to tell you I really do miss his musings. There are days where I wake up not feeling like myself, and here comes Noah to the rescue running into my room, climbing into my bed, hugging me with all his might cheering me up with his sweet voice. I honestly believe that there is a reason why he has half a day kindergarten in the afternoon that way he can make my mornings run smooth. He is a great low key, laid back kind of kid who isn't high maintenance who actually listens to me! I'm extremely thankful that he is home with me for the first few hours of the day because he truly puts a smile on my face. regardless of any news that I'll receive whether personal or of the world, how the weather looks like I just know that I'm going to make the choice to make each day count. I swear the older he gets the clearer his sentences are, and the more they make sense. When he says certain things it is hilarious, it is sweet, and it is so Noah. 

I may not have a lot of noahism posts in the future simply because i want to focus more on him rather than killing my brain to remember all the things that he utters. Then again down I don't need to jot them down right away because if they are that funny there is no need to document them, only to remember.

So on this particular day, I was not having the greatest day at all! 

As I was backing out of the driveway a car came racing down to beat me before backing up. I quickly backed up, but still had to move aside practically on the curb so she can pass and after my kind deed, I said, "uggh, that's why I hate this road! People speed down our neighborhood as if it's the freeway! I looked at the rearview mirror, saw Noah's sweet face, and with a smile he said, "just look at the sun mommy, it'll make you smile." 

On our way home from our labor day trip he randomly started to sing, and these were the lyrics to his own song, "happy road, happiness, happy happy happiness, happy road, happy song, yes I am happy." 

We went to a nearby catholic church to donate some items, and Noah saw a cross with Jesus Christ on it, and asked "who killed him mom, who killed jesus?" I explained to him that Jewish people killed him. "What are Jewish people? Are they nice or bad?" When he said that I had to again explain that even though they hurt Jesus they didn't know any better, and that one day they will answer to God for what they did to him. He had a sad look on his face when he saw that cross, but then I explained to him why we don't have one like that at our church. I explained to him that even though we don't see him that He lives, hence not even having a cross in our chapel of any kind. He then said, "so he's a happy Jesus?" Yes, Noah...very happy! 

We hardly ever eat chicken pot pies, but since the weather has gotten a bit cooler I decided one night to put some in the oven. Noah asked if he could have a "big muffin" for dinner. I explained to him that it's called a pot pie with chicken in it. He then began to dig in it making eyes, and a nose with the peas, and began to eat. I think he was trying to make a smiling muffin face. 

As Noah was standing on a bench outside of a walmart he said, "look daddy, I'm inside the store already!" Jon then said to him, "no Noah your not, that's your reflection!" Jon thought that was the funniest thing, and told me I had to document it.

I'm sure there's a lot more where that came from, but we are having too much fun listening and conversating with our little guy when we are out and about. No need to document and remember every little thing in detail he says, because what's most important is paying attention to the rest of the things he's saying than killing my brain to remember, and most of all living in the moment when he does!

Oh, and if you haven't seen this 14 second video on my instagram you gotta see it. Noah is so cute, and once again...he loves seeing anything that brings happiness...hence the "hearts."

Happy Monday! 

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