Monday, January 11, 2016

The American Girl Place in NYC.

With a new year beginning I have decided to do a little "remodeling" on my blog, and as I was trying to figure out which website to choose to redo my outline, or look, or whatever you want to call it I was going through my iPhoto and found a few hidden gems back when my girls were little. I decided that I wanted to write a throwback post of the first time we visited the American Girl Place in New York. This was such a monumental time in their life, because,'s the American girl store on fifth avenue! 

Before i started my blog, I have always scrapbooked my kids lives. I decided to start a blog a couple of years after Noah was born. I don't know why I hesitated to start a blog, but I'm glad I started it when I did. I began blogging back in 2011 in late January after Lexie and Chelsea turned five, and ten! I can't believe how quickly these years are passing by, and seeing my two younger girls growing up is surreal. Time sure flies when you're having fun, and on this day they had a lot of it! 

Oh my gosh...look how young they are! 
We had never been inside an American Girl store until we moved to Jersey. I wanted to mark this moment in our history because it was our first time, and...we all love dolls!I  have to say that these are the best dolls ever created, and I'm so glad that we gifted them to the girls for their birthdays. I didn't grow up with very much, and this particular American girl doll reminded me of the one I had when I was about six. Her name was Tracy, and I remember always playing with her. Till this day I have always preferred my girls playing with dolls rather than Barbie dolls. 

American girl dolls is the doll to have and I'm just so grateful that we were able to gift them each one. Being that Chelsea was five she opted for a Bitty Baby instead, and we ended up getting her one. Josefina came later.  

I wanted to post a few photos of that special day we spent in New York, and going to the American girl store for the first time. I have to say it was a bit overwhelming, but oh so fun to see all that they had. It was crazy. They practically have everything under the sun. From clothing for your child to match their doll's outfits, furniture, and they even have a salon where you can take your doll to get groomed in case her hair gets tangled, or dried out! It's pretty interesting to have seen this four story doll store! 
We decided to have lunch at the American girl cafe which was so quaint, and cozy. I loved how they decorated the room The only thing I wasn't too pleased about was the fact that I felt as if I didn't get enough to eat for what we paid! We were still hungry afterwards. I still wanted more cookies, and finger sandwiches! Overall, it was great, and what matters is that the girls were pleased, and that they had an amazing time. Such a fun place to take your little girl. 
They were so excited to be holding their dolls while walking around the city. Perks of having a five year old walking around in the middle of winter was that she'd get tired of holding her bitty baby after a while. She eventually got over her orneriness. As a parent you just have to laugh when our kids react this way. She is, has, and will always be my sassy drama queen! 
I will also remember this day because it was the time when the new Alice in Wonderland movie came out. I remember seeing a big advertisement of Johnny Depp as the mad hatter in times square. Here is my family making funny faces, and Jon wearing a mad hatter hat! 
 and this big Johnny Depp we saw in times square! 
We went to the FAO Schwartz and they had a blast on the big piano. I'm pretty bummed that they closed the store last summer, but hopefully something will be replaced in that corner of the city that'll be fun for tourists. Luckily we took advantage of spending endless hours at that store every time we'd visit the city! FAO soldier will be missed! 
Here we are at Rockefeller center. It's so fun watching the skaters, and the girls were wanting to ice skate, but it was getting late, and had to head back. So much to do in this magical city! If you're wondering where Noah was, he was sound asleep pretty much the entire time! Such a good baby he was. I wish I would have gotten him out at the time he was awake to capture a few shots with him on this particular day, but oh well. 

It's just so hard to believe that these pics were taken five years ago! I love the fact that Chelsea still loves to play with her dolls. Lexie has Ruthie in her closet, and every now and then will take her out to make sure she's well preserved. She took really good care of her, and will sometimes let Chelsea play with her. It's so sweet to watch Chelsea play with her dolls. Noah will hover sometimes, and pretend to be the big brother to the bitty baby. He's so sweet, and treats the dolls like princesses, but then after a while will grow weary of girl drama, and go back to playing with his legos, transformers, and his star wars figurines. 

These memories are so precious to me, and I'm so happy that I have always taken the time to think of my girls. They don't ask for a lot, and are always thankful for the gifts they receive. 
Sure do miss their youth sometimes, but I'm so excited to watch them grow up, and prosper. Learn to discover, explore, and experience more in this world! 

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