Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas '16.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we all were this past weekend when we started feeling the snow falling on our faces as I was on my way out to pick up Jon from work. Jonas had arrived. Snow is something we have been waiting for long before Christmas, and boy did we get pounded with it. It's amazing to see how much snow we get in one lump sum! We woke up the next morning to sunshine, and about 15 inches of snow. It was a beautiful sight, and the kids had a blast playing in it! 

Because of all the snow we got in one shot Jon spent half the afternoon making a snowcave, and when he was done he called it a snow house! He hails from Utah so getting this much snow was a treat for him. Apparently Utah doesn't get this much snow all at once to be able to make a snow cave so he was all giddy! Lexie also attempted to make one, and she was proud of her little snow cave. 
As always I was capturing precious moments of my family as they were enjoying the snow, and made a little video of them playing in our street, and backyard.

One of our neighbors who has lived here since he was a boy told us that they would block off the street so that he, and his friends can go sledding down the street. So old school! It was epic, and a lot better than going to a hill where it's crowded with people sliding down all over the place! We had the whole street to ourselves, and in between building the snow cave, and shoveling Jon would push the kids down the street on their sled. It was so much fun, and I even had a turn. 
 This boy was all smiles! He wasn't too fond of the snow when he was a baby, but now...he can spend all day in it! 
// and this one can be making snow angels all day long! //
// Since church was canceled on Sunday, the first thing these kids wanted to do was go outside, and play in their snow cave that pa built. These two could literally live in it, and even wanted to spend the night inside, but temps got low in the teens so we opted no! They were getting cold anyway. Maybe next time! //
Love these kiddos! How fun it is to be a kid, and to not have a care in the world! They all had such a wonderful time, and really appreciated mother nature (a.k.a. Jonas) bringing them all this snow. We don't get this much snow too often so they truly took advantage, and enjoyed every moment! 

And so did I! 

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