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MLK | A Day Of Service | 1.18.16

"This is not a "random" three day weekend— a break from your hell beaten jobs. It's a day to observe and recognize and ultimately, if we are just a tad willing, help change the world a little bit. I get so mad at the Internet for its surface conversations at times. If you're willing, I ask that you dig deeper, hold longer more interesting conversations, jump from the shadows of the screen. Hug someone. Just do something! Anything out of love and the confining area that is your privilege, will do. We need more. We need equality. Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the path and life you gave for others, myself, my children, and the generations that will come after us. Eternally." 

~Latonya Yvette

I came upon this quote on this fellow bloggers instagram, and when I read it I was agreeing wholeheartedly while nodding my head. She worded it so perfectly, and her thoughts totally coincided with mine. This is exactly why I have taught my kids why Martin Luther King Jr. was such an icon. Someone who died way too soon. And why we observe him by waking up early in the morning to help others, and do service for our fellowman. The fact that two of my girls were born on the same day as Dr. King gives more meaning to their special birthday. Especially on the day we observe him. I am so grateful for people like Dr. King who was fearless, and never gave up on his dream of uniting people of color together. For his strength, his candor, and perseverance in always believing the good in others. For his bravery, and courage in facing adversity even when it endangered his life. What an amazing human being! 

For the past 21 years our community has come together to observe this day for Martin Luther King by serving others. I've lived here now for seven years, and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to be engaged in something you honor and believe in that has a purpose. People from all over South Jersey came together to help what is needed in our community. It was so nice to see so many willing to serve, and honor this day not only for Dr. King, but to build ourselves up. 

Especially our children who are the future. 
There was so much to do on this day, and there were all kinds of service projects accomplished. From quilting baby blankets to making toys for the animal shelter. Visiting senior homes, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and we even had a group rake leaves, and do some yard work in 23 degree weather! To see the faces of those around me getting to work without murmuring uplifted me in every aspect. It was so nice to see everyone working in unison with smiles on their faces. 

And that put a smile on my daughters face too! 

We volunteered to help make 400 peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches and mission was accomplished! The leader of this group said were were the fastest group he's ever seen in making sandwiches in a short time! We were going to town spreading that jam, and butter on the bread. We had such a great time, and in all honesty we wanted to do more when we were done. We didn't want to leave the building. We just kept wanting to help so Chelsea stayed for a bit to make a few cards for the soldiers who are serving. 

Here are a few photos from that day...
// Making sandwiches for the homeless was so humbling. Just to think that they'll be eating a sandwich with just jam, and peanut butter on it will  be gratifying to them. I'm sure they don't care where it comes from as long as they don't starve, and have food in their stomach! //
I have to tell ya... I was amazed at these group of kids. They were all so willing and helping to serve. Their aunt whom I just met for the first time was such a kind person, and a great role model to these kids. I could tell just by observing her how loving, and helpful she was TO EVERYONE! We totally hit it off, and I'm so glad that I sat next to her group. Chelsea and I were going to sit somewhere else, but my heart guided me to a much more rowdier table. Rowdier in a good way because everyone was working together. Laughing, and making sure we had enough bread for all the jam, and butter we had. We were a team, and that's how it should be when it comes to serving. Loving one another no matter who we are, where we come from, or what color we are. It was such an amazing day, and to meet this woman and her family was indeed a blessing! 
Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! 

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