Friday, January 8, 2016

The First Seven Days: Wishes & Kindness.

The first seven days of 2016 were pretty wonderful, and so far things are still looking good!  

Couldn't let the week go by without jotting down a few things that I wish for my family. We all hope for the best when a new year begins, and no matter how hard we forget about the things we tell ourselves on new years eve such as the goals we want to make, the things we want to change about ourselves, and all the resolutions we'd like to accomplish, it's nice to know that there is always room for hope, and change. We all have the ability to change, and to do better in this world. I pretty much don't jot down as many resolutions as I used to, but I do have hope, and boy do I wish for a lot! With the world changing and society becoming more bold in the way it portrays certain things it is up to me as a parent to raise my children the best I can so that they can be prepared to enter the real world on their own with their eyes wide opened, and a laser focused mind. 

But first and foremost, it is my example that sets it in motion. It starts with me, and I want to be the kind, loving example to everyone so that my kids can follow in my footsteps. Hoping that their generation can make the world a better place. 

We also need to give blessings a chance. Some of us get a little frustrated because we feel that blessings don't come fast enough, but I know that through prayer, and acting upon the things that we believe in Heavenly Father will guide us to a path filled with light, and a less path filled with stress, and hardships. We've had quite a few trials this past year as we do every year. I mean...I don't think anyone is exempt from having a perfect year, but for me regardless of the negativity that goes on in the world, before we step out the door we pray as a family to have a good day. It makes a huge difference in our day when we do, and we look at the world in a beautiful perspective. It is up to me to make the world beautiful, and I have to say that I've gotten a lot better at it! Heavenly Father created such a beautiful earth for us to enjoy, and experience. We definitely take advantage of it, and also learn from the terrible things that the world can bring as well. Although we'll discuss the current events that are occurring around us, we don't sit and dwell on the negativity for too long. We try to look at the positivity that can come from it, say "it is what it is", and move on. Always hoping for the greater good! How grateful I am for the word change, and for the opportunity we have to make ourselves a better person. Changing to become a more kinder person can make a huge difference not only in our lives, but the person you are expressing kindness to as well. I witnessed it firsthand when I shared this story, and I can probably share a lot of stories in regards to serving, but felt the need to share that particular story this past year. 

It's so true, the older we get the quicker the years pass us by. I tend to focus more on my kids, and their happiness. My wishes for my kids are pretty much the same. They all have a unique life ahead of them, and am so proud who they are becoming, and how they handle things sometimes on their own. I wish many blessings upon each and every one of them this year. 

// My wish for Sierra is that she'll find fulfillment, and joy while serving her mission in the Philippines. She received her mission call on January second, and it certainly was a great start to our year. I hope that she'll find those who are searching for a greater happiness. One that will bind families forever. That her testimony will grow, and relationship with Heavenly Father will become stronger than ever. I wish. I wish. //  

// My wish for Lexie is that she'll never forget who she is, or why she is here. Regardless of all the negativity that the world can throw at her, she'll know that Heavenly Father as her back up in knowing that through Him, she can overcome anything. The teenage years are crucial, and high school is rougher than ever before, especially when you stand up for your beliefs. I hope that she will always defend them, and stand up for herself. I wish. I wish. //

// My wish for Chelsea is that she'll continue to be the kind, helpful, sweet young girl, and not be afraid to learn new things. Not be afraid to stand up for herself. That as she reaches her preteen years that she'll know that she truly is a daughter of God. That although she has already faced a trial in her young age, that she'll remember what she learned from it, and continue to have the strength for more. That she will never fall into "worldly traps" at a young age. I wish. I wish. //

// My wish for Noah is that he will enjoy school, and that as he grows older that he will know right from wrong. That his innocence will carry on throughout his elementary year, and that he knows that there is light, and goodness in this world. I wish. I wish. //

// My wish for Jon is that he'll continue to have a great year with his job. That he will find time to enjoy the little things outside of work. He is such a hard worker, and we all love him to death, and appreciate his life so much! I wish. I wish. //

And my wish for me...I just want to be a more kinder, and gentler person. One that can be a rarity among women, where people will wonder why I am the way I am. I love my life, and wish many blessings upon my family. 

I also wish that for you. 

I wish. I wish. 

So let's make that change, be kind, and make it a great year! 

Happy Weekend! 

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