Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vocal Resolution | 2015-2016.

The day after the girls birthdays we all went to Cherry Hill East High School to attend Lexie's first annual A Capella competition which included 10 high schools all around the mid-atlantic region. They competed against nine other A cappella groups, and oh my gosh...I felt like i was watching pitch perfect live except without the unnecessary drama. Everyone was so amazing. All the groups sang different renditions of modern songs of today, and some were a bit old school. One of the schools had an all girl a cappella group called Tickled Pink. They were so cute sporting their pink pumps, and leather jackets. Everyone looked so great out there and their performances were pretty phenomenal. What an amazing talent among young men and women! I was so impressed with all the groups, and unfortunately Highland didn't win this year, but in my eyes everyone is a winner because everyone was so amazing! 

A friend of Lexie's from another school whose group is called Stay Tuned placed second, and another friend of ours whose brother is in the TestosterTones from Princeton High placed third. Again...everyone did such an amazing job, and everyone was a winner! 

Vocal Resolution is truly an amazing group with a lot of talented kids, and I'm sure they'll step it up even more next year! Especially now since they know what to expect. The fact that they went on stage is proof enough that their talent is good enough to make it to the ICHSA competition. Overall everyone was amazing, and I'm just so impressed with everyone's talent. 

I'm so glad that Sierra was able to witness their performance live while she was visiting. She was in Vocal Resolution when it was first established back in 2013 so she is a veteran through and through. She enjoyed everyone's performance, and had such a great evening. It was such a fun time for all of us. 

We do look forward to next years competition as this is something new for us. Such an exciting time for Vocal Resolution I'm sure, and I'm excited for them. 

*Since we were sitting in the way back I didn't get to record their entire performance, but did manage to get a short 10 second recording of part of their performance, and you can catch a glimpse of it here. 

**Photo source: Vocal Resolution Facebook page! 

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