Friday, July 31, 2015


Friendship is something that I, or my girls never want to take for granted, and even though it's nice to go places with just our family, it's nice to invite a friend to join in our fun, and who can possibly say no when you invite someone to the beach! Especially when one has a birthday!

I called my girlfriend to ask if she had any birthday plans for her daughter, and luckily they didn't! I mean that in a good way because I wanted to invite them to the beach. I know how much her girls love the ocean, and so we headed on out to Sea Isle. Sea Isle beach must be a magnet for going with friends because the last time I came here was with this awesome lady, and her kids

We headed out pretty late in the day, but stayed until about six. I think we were in the middle of a heat wave because man was it hot! I drank water the whole drive down, and then some more when we finally found a spot to lay our blanket on. Wednesdays at Sea Isle don't require beach tags, so it can get pretty packed, but luckily we found the perfect spot to lay out! 

The girls immediately went into the water, and splashed in the waves. With Jon at work, I had my one on one time with Noah in the water. Jon is usually the one who'll take him in the water while I capture a few photos of them, and even though I love to take pictures it was nice to have someone else behind the lens. My time spent with Noah was enjoyable, and having gone in the water to jump the waves with him was the best! He absolutely loves everything about the ocean. He saw the girls from a distance, and noticed how deep they were in the water, and can tell he is looking forward to that someday. He doesn't swim yet, and I seriously need to find a place around here where they offer swimming lessons. Nonetheless I had fun with my cheeky monkey who just loved splashing that salt water on me! 
My girlfriend took most of these photos, and I'm so grateful that she captured these moments. It's nice to not have a camera on hand, and to have someone else take pictures. Especially when you just want to have fun with your kids, and not worry about taking pictures, or getting your phone wet!

^^^ How lucky i am to have this girl by my side, and for her girls to friendship my kids. I didn't capture too many pictures of the girls. They were too busy playing in the ocean! I swear they could have turned into mermaids! ^^^

Good friends mixed with the ocean on a hot summer day is the perfect remedy for motherhood! Looking forward to more days like this before summer ends! 

Happy Friday everyone!  

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