Friday, July 29, 2016

Visiting Maplewood & Maggie.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in all honesty I feel as if my heart moved away when my dearest and closest friend Maggie left, but then again I feel that way with half my friends that live all over the nation. Maggie and I both moved away within two weeks of each other, and we both feel that these moves were just what we needed. Now that I'm 50 minutes away from her instead of 15 minutes I feel as if I somewhat took our time for granted while living in south jersey because now that we live further away from each other we want to visit each other every weekend! It's a shame that we didn't see each other enough except at church, and we both know that we could have done more, but because family, jobs, and life can take up all our days leaving us with no time to make girl time can cause us to forget the little things that are important when it comes to friendshipping. Sure we spent our birthdays together at the temple, and certain holidays, but because we are like sisters seeing each other again after two months was as if I saw her yesterday. 

And those are the best friendships. 

A couple of days ago the kids and I got in our car and drove to Maplewood to visit Maggie, and boy was she a sight for sore eyes. I tell ya, absence really does make the heart grow fonder especially after everything we have both experienced living in south jersey. Change is good, and as long as we water the grass on our end, we both know that there are greener pastures ahead. 

We had so much fun visiting this part of north jersey, and we spent the whole day here. She's so lucky that she's just a 25 minute train ride into  New York City. Maplewood is a beautiful town, and it sort of reminded me of Mystic without the boats, and the water. There are a ton of cute shops, a library, and a park all within walking distance. 

This was the simplest day I ever spent, and we had sooooo much fun. I tell ya it's the simple things that make the day so meaningful. Window shopping, a walk in the park, and just taking in the july sun with my kids, and dear friend was the remedy I needed since moving to my new area! The kids had too much fun that Noah conked out on the way home around 6pm, and didn't wake up until the next morning! 

Here a few photos I shot around town. Not too many, but enough to make these memories last! 
 As we were walking I saw a store with my name on it, and I just had to take a picture of it! 
 The girls saw this mummy, and since they were standing still figured I'd capture them in the moment. They 
were obviously mimicking it. 
Cute kid with a carriage. 
 A lot of the walking called for some ice cream, and these kids were screaming for it! 
Getting our ice cream fix which we hardly eat! I swear I'm lactose intolerant now, because my tummy won't allow me to digest it properly, but a little bit won't hurt! 
that little tongue tho...
 I love bookstores, and this store called [words] is so quaint, and cozy. Maggie and the kids were going to town looking around, and I swear I could have left this store spending 100 dollars, but I didn't. I told Lexie to put any books she wanted on her wish list. Same with Chelsea.
And Noah. 
We could have stayed here all day reading books, relaxing just to get out of the heat. Noah loves it when I read to him, but really encourage him to read on his own. He'll be in first grade this year, and although I feel confident about his reading level,it's still good for him to read by himself, plus he's getting way too long to sit on my lap! I don't mind it though! 
We had such a wonderful time with "Aunt Maggie" and the kids look forward to seeing her again. Definitely taking advantage of seeing each other more now that we are both closer to the city. 

No excuses! 

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