Monday, September 11, 2017

One World Trade Center- Never Forget.

This past weekend we took the ferry from Staten Island into battery park, and walked around the financial district pausing in our steps as we were taking in, and imagine what the city of new York must have been like on the day the terroist attacks took place. As we walked all around the One World Trade Center & the north and south pools where the towers once stood we couldn't help but to stop for a moment and be thankful. Thankful that the city of new York stood strong, and that these attacks didn't stop anyone from entering the city. Their strength, and resilience is what helps them stand strong. Thousands of people come every year to pay their respects, and living closer to the city love gives us the advantage of doing just that. 

I captured a few moments all over this small corner of the world. It's still surreal for me that the twin towers are no longer standing, and it still makes me so sad! I have good memories of my first trip to New York when the girls were little, and took them inside the towers. Now we have this huge tower in place of it, and I've gotten used to it! 

I loved our time together here on this day. Times like this with the kids makes me so appreciative of what we have, and where we live. I love living close to the city, and that we have the freedom to come in whenever we please. Remembering 9/11 is like a history lesson for us again. Lexie tells me about how they watch videos at school about 9/11, and even though there are moments where she is literally tired of it, she understands why, but still doesn't like watching the horror that came from it. I totally understand, and I'm grateful that my girls understand what happened here. We continually remind Noah about the memorial, the freedom tower, and what kind of buildings they are, and why they were built. He knows planes hit two tall buildings that he's seen in pictures, and that a lot of people died. He's only in second grade, and I'm sure that as he grows older that he will have a deeper understanding about 9/11.

I'm so grateful that we've visited the sites in the in DC, PA, and here where we are able to talk to our kids at length about what happened on that terrible day, but also to let them know that there is also beauty in the world. May we never forget what happened here. 

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