Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back To School Quote-"Just Keep Trying!"

I usually think of a scripture or a quote for the kids as the kids start a new school year, and after Jon gave a fathers blessing to all the kids all I could think of were three simple words from Elder Holland, "just keep trying." It's from this talk he gave this past April. In a world where there is so much chaos, and adversity especially when it comes to our children particularly in their younger years with all of them starting their second year in a new school just seemed fitting for them. Even though they had a great first year in a new school district  doesn't mean their "perfectly ok."
It may seem like they are, but underneath they each have a soft spot, and choose to do well. They all adjust in different ways, and so with Jon and I continually telling them to "just keep trying" your best in all things really strengthens, and motivates them in doing just that. I also want to let them know that they have a choice to be strong, and to never give up on hard things. To always be better in all things. In living the gospel, in friendships, and being kind, and accepting of everyone no matter who they are or where they live. They are such great kids who already exhibit such great attributes, and it is my hope that those attributes will continue to build. 

So on the morning of their first day of school I took mandatory photos of them holding grade signs. 
The first things the girls said to me as I pulled out the same signs these kids used when they were Noah's age was, "Mom, umm, (and they are laughing) do we need to hold these signs? I mean, ( with a long hesitation and respect) we know what grade we're in." Of course they were giving me a hard time because they know how much I treasure them, and love documenting every waking moment of them. I had to laugh, and they were good sports by holding up the signs and letting me take their photos.

Noah was so sweet and said (with a huge grin), "it's okay mommy. I'll hold my sign. That was such a tender moment  for me as he's growing up to be such a little gentleman. Can't believe my little guy is in second grade already! Seriously though, it feels as if he just entered kindergarten yesterday! 

When he brought home his "take home folder" on the first day he gives me a piece of paper that lists all his "special" classes which are music, art, library, gym, and computers, and ever since school started he's asked me what "special day" he has today. I put it on the fridge so he can memorize the days he has certain classes, and is so excited when he has library, and music. He likes his teacher, and is so enthusiastic about school this year. It's elementary school, of course he is! 
Of course the girls are being funny, and love giving me a hard time, and are always good sports especially when I tell them what to do! 
I can't believe my baby girl is a tween, and in seventh grade! Where has the time gone with this girl! She is such a sweetheart that takes the sweetness outside the home, and gives me nothing but pure sassiness when she's back at home. Seriously though, she is a sweetheart who has a latin streak in her that she uses only when necessary so watch out! She's a great three days of school so far, is very organized with her binders, locker, and homework which helps her have an easier, and less stressful year. She's obviously learned from her sisters. 
Lexie, such a bittersweet moment with this one, and I'm so proud of her choices she has made until now. So far she enjoys her classes, and loves the fall season because she gets to play tennis! I have a feeling her senior year will be a great one! 

Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.

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