Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nostalgia On The First Day Of School.

With school starting back again today I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I pulled out the scrapbook from the bins in the basement, and as I was turning the pages I stumbled upon this sweet summer photo of the girls and I at my aunt's pool in Vegas. While living in Utah we'd travel to Vegas every summer to visit. It was tradition, and man do I long for those days. Not only the trips, but for my girls to be little again. Looking at this photo with Chelsea hanging on to my hand brings back soooo many memories, and today I was feeling all the feels as the kids were heading off to school. Especially Chelsea, and Noah. I mean, look at my Chelsea baby! Just hanging on to my hand knowing that she trusts her momma not to fall in the water. Truly bittersweet.

Even though I miss those days I am extremely grateful for our kids to continue growing up healthy, and strong. Their experiences in this world make them who they are, and although they have faced many challenges, and sad moments I know that they have the ability to lift themselves up and live a happy, and joyful life. 
Fast forwarding to life today as I was importing old photos form beach trips then, and now helps me reflect back on my summers growing up which were, well, let me say this...simple. I love that the girls have always been simple in the ways of the world, and it amazes me how quickly they are becoming independent and want to learn, and serve at a young age. I'm not too sad that summer for us is on hold until next year, but I am ready for change, and I am already loving my September. Especially with the rainy days, and cool mornings we've been having. September is a great month for many reasons, and the fact that it's my birthday month makes it even better! 
So with all that being said I'll end this post with a few photos of Noah leaping and splashing in the ocean. I am excited to welcome fall with open arms, and looking forward for the leaves to change. I am ready for change. I am ready to see what the season  brings for these kids with a new school year starting, especially for this little guy who is growing up to fast before my eyes. 
So it's not goodbye summer, it's see ya later! 

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