Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Met Cloisters.

We have been on a museum kick lately and with school literally starting next Thursday are making the best of our days by studying, and exploring different kinds of art, and culture. Although I think after going to the Cloisters yesterday Lexie had enough of seeing Jesus Christ on a cross. When she came home to tell Jon of her experience she said, and I quote,

"Dad, I love the Lord, and everything but there was just too much of Jesus in this museum." She continued to say how back in the gothic times how much people were so religious and into Jesus, and how today most people are not! I have to agree with her on that part, and being a former Catholic didn't mind seeing so many depictions, and statues of the resurrected Christ, but overall it is a beautiful museum, and the architecture both in, and outside was absolutely gorgeous. I totally felt as if I was in Europe (even though I've never been.) 
I captured a few photos of the cloisters, and everything in this museum was very interesting to read. I'm not an aficionado on this kind of medieval art, but it sure was interesting to read about the myths, and stories behind some of these pictures. 
A room full of ancient tapestries.

 Now that is one huge dresser!
 They had glass stained windows on all the windows. So beautiful with the natural light shining in from outside.

There is an awesome view of the Hudson River from the balcony, and we stood out there for a moment pretending we were in a different country.  Such a beautiful view, and we took a walk afterwards at Fort Tryon Park where we walked around, and relaxed a bit. 

We ended our day with some ice cream from Odd fellows, and headed on home. 
It truly was another beautiful day in New York with 70 degree weather. Love going out to explore the sights with these kids of ours! 
Hope y'all have a wonderful long weekend folks. Stay safe! 

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