Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dyker Heights Lights '17

When we went to see the lights in Dyker Heights last year in Brooklyn I couldn't believe how many houses literally went all out out to get lit up! I was so impressed with the way they displayed the holiday decorations and although it was a bit over the top it sure was a fun sight to see! You can check out some short videos on my Insta stories too!

This year we took the girls, and they were amazed at all the lighting. They even wished they lived in this neighborhood They are big fans when it comes to the Christmas spirit, and the fact that the neighborhood we currently live in right now doesn't decorate because of different beliefs kind of puts a damper on our soul, buy luckily we have places like this to drive to get into the Christmas spirit! 
Since it was the girls first time I wanted to give them the tour so I didn't take too many photos. Plus it was drizzling a bit so I only captured a few. You can check out more photos from last year here. 

We had such a great time, and thanks to the lady who took our photo in such a rush that made Noah's smile come out a little crooked! Totally okay though! 
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and that y'all are enjoying the rest of the holiday season! 

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