Monday, December 18, 2017

Light The World '17

The Light The World campaign has been a huge blessing in my life, and in the lives of our children. Especially when one has had a rough year. Luckily we can clean it up and finish the year off with lighting the world not only for our families, but for others as well. There are so many people out there who can use some light in their life, and it's not too late too start. I love the scripture that is written for that day as well, and I have to admit when I watch the videos I tear up a bit!
I have to admit this year was a little rough with personal things happening with loved ones in my life, but then again who doesn't have issues right? I am grateful for the ability to say "I'm sorry", and to forgive. For uttering three simple little words "I love you." I am grateful for the the simple things we often take for granted such as waking up for a do-over every day, and to simply live!  I'm most grateful to have the heart to serve others. When I am feeling down about myself, or have a problem I tend to think of others. It is something that I have always had the desire to do no matter what trials come our way, snd it also helps me forget my own problems. 

I'm thankful to have children who have been so excited to participate in this campaign with me. Grateful that little Noah is willing to think of others on his own motive. Everyday he wakes up and reads this printable to see how he can light the world on a daily basis. He's such a sweet spirit, and always wants to make everyone's day great! There was one day where he said he couldn't do it. He didn't have gloves to donate to charity. I told him that we could buy a pair and donate those. His face lit up when I said that. I can really tell he wants to do his best to be a sweet kid and help others no matter what.  I constantly tell all my kids to love your enemies or anyone who may be unkind to you. 
It has been a great 18 days shedding some light to others this month. There is a day or two where we didn't do the exact thing written on a certain day, but there are so many ways to light the world. A simple smile can really lift someone's day. Holding the door open for someone, buying someone lunch who is homeless. Helping a friend study, or with homework. Really listening to a friend vent about their issues. Hugging. That's such a simple gesture, and people these days can really use those! My girls tend to to be super nice which is an awesome trait to have, and will do so much for someone. 

Going to Times Square and seeing the billboard of "Light The World" always puts a huge smile on a face. In the midst of a truly, busy city seeing this sign can make a difference to one person. It is my hope that those millions of tourists, and residents of New York can look up, and know that their world can change, and be lit up, and they in return can learn more on how to "light the world." 

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