Friday, December 23, 2016

The Winter Party.

One of the best things about being a stay at home mom is the fact that I can volunteer at my kids schools anytime, any day without feeling the need to be rushed knowing that i had to go back to work in an office. I remember many times where Sierra would ask me if I could help at her school with the other moms doing various projects, and always remember telling her "no."
As I look back on those missed moments it brings me a moment of sadness because the words "no, I can't" were too common, but then I smile again knowing that I didn't do that with her sisters, but most of her brother. 

And she is so happy that we both made the time today out of all days to take in this moment with him. 

It's such a different feeling for me not having worked for the past 16 years, and in all feels great! I love knowing that I can be available for all my kids at anytime of the day, and reminiscing about my working days to Sierra really made her think about her future self with future children. I know that her goal would eventually be able to stay home once she becomes a mother, but at the same time values her education, and wants to succeed with that in hopes that once she completes her education that she can move forward with whether or not she wants to work full time. I guess it would depend on her career, but she's only 21, and although an adult, she's still young. Nonetheless she obliged to come with me to help out in Noah's class for this years winter party, and I have to say it was a success! 
These awesome mommas! They both did an amazing job helping the kids with crafts, and games. 

Crafts that were done were tissue paper wreaths which I found on pinterest, snowflake ornaments, and Kristin made this snowman toss game out of a cardboard. They're all on my pinterest board if you're planning a party for little ones. 
I originally wanted to read this story, but because of kids coming from different backgrounds of religions realized I couldn't, and decided on reading them The Mitten which is one of my favorites. Note the look on Noah's face! Not sure if he was bored, or because he saw Sierra being being disruptive capturing me in the moment with my phone!
Sierra was grateful to have been able to come with me to Noah's school to help with the winter party along with other moms who volunteered. It was such a fun day for the kids, and although it was a bit chaotic, I had so much fun being there for Noah because the look on his face when we walked in was nothing but pure JOY. 
It was such a fun hour to have spent time in the classroom with our little guy especially during the holidays, and so thankful I have the time to do so! 

Happy Friday folks, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend! 

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