Friday, December 29, 2017

Gulliver's Gate.

We thought we could brave the freezing temps when we went to the city the other day, but boy were we wrong! It's a good thing we did the whole Rockefeller tree/seeing Santa at the plaza walking around the streets of New York before this arctic mass hit! Nonetheless we always make the best of our day in the city even when it's bitter cold! 

We had tickets to Gullivers Gate and it was literally mind blowing! It is filled with artistic interpretations of various cities and countries. We were all amazed at all the miniature exhibits especially the one of New York city. You can see some snippets of it on my Instagram story. 
The Brooklyn bridge is my favorite as well as New England. Noah's love for trains increases as we ride them, and looking at this exhibit was awe-inspiring for him! 
After taking four years of French Lexie has mastered it pretty well, and is looking forward to a trip to Paris someday!
London is my favorite, and one of these days we will definitely make a trip there! 
One of the coolest things about this place is that you are given a key as your admission and there is a scavenger hunt for all ages. You use the key to unlock the movement of the exhibit. 
 This is one place where you can see different cities in under two hours! Any guesses as to which cities these are...

 Look it's the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium!
After seeing all these miniature marvels set, and built and set inside a building the size of a football stadium in the middle of Times Square- it truly is an amazing world we live in. 
Only two more days until the new year! Hope y'all have an amazing weekend! 

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