Friday, December 22, 2017

Noah's Winter Party '17

Didn't Noah just have his winter party last year? Man, it feels as if it was yesterday that Noah had his winter party! Time is definitely passing us by especially when you're having fun and enjoying your kid! I have loved volunteering at Noah's school for the past year. It truly is something I love to do and missed out on when Sierra was his age. His face lights up every time I walk through his classroom door. When sees me walking through that door, he knows momma's here to help out.

I have really enjoyed Noah's school year this year, and he is doing awesome! His teacher is a natural with the kids, and I can tell he's been doing this for a long time! I see how much fun Mr. B has with the kids, and how much the kids enjoy him as their teacher. 
The party was simple, and sweet as always. Noah really enjoyed the candy cane toss, and got a few rings inside the candy cane. 

One thing Noah always looks forward to are the crafts, and here he is getting his craft on make a snowflake (with a little bit of help from yours truly.)
The end result. What a beautiful snowflake. 
Oh, and the treat bag. Oh yeah...Noah always looks forward to those! 
Story time. This is my favorite part of the party, and it looks like Jill stole my thunder by reading to the kids. It's okay. I've always been the reader so it was nice to have someone else read. 
I absolutely love and am taking advantage of my time with Noah. I love the free time I have as a momma to be able to attend to his activities, and put him first before any job! I love, love my kid, and you can see how much fun we had by checking out my Insta story

Hope you hearts are happy on your last weekend before Christmas!

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