Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to school with a blessing

One thing my husband looks forward to on the eve before school resumes is giving all of the girls a fathers blessing. I am truly grateful that my husband is worthy enough to perform this ordinance. It gives them the strength to do what is right and to strive to do their very best throughout the school year. It brings me great comfort to know that through this blessing they will feel peace and comfort as well. He has been doing it for 13 years now, and it has become a wonderful and spiritual tradition.

The girls were so excited for school this morning. Now that Sierra is a junior in high school she looks forward to helping all the underclassmen with any help they need. She was a little nervous about having all AP and honors classes this year, but she is ready and feels prepared to have a great year!
Alexandra was super excited to no longer be in elementary school. 
She looks forward to what middle school has to bring, and she is ready!
Chelsea is such a cutie.

 She was the first one up, made her own lunch, and picked out her clothes. She actually asked me her opinion as to what to wear and I agreed with the outfit she chose. I did tell her that school is all about learning. Although it is nice to look presentable and clean when attending school, it's not a fashion show! 

She is so ready for first grade!
Our Noah...what would I do without you! Although you have two more years until you start pre-school, I can see that you want to follow your sisters, get dressed, and do the things they are doing. I know the years will fly by (I really don't want them to), and before you know it you will be reading on your own, writing your own name, and playing rugby. 

Don't worry buddy...it'll happen sooner than we think! 

 You are my happy little boy!
I have you all to myself for seven hours!
I do look forward to all the one on one time we will have together. I can tell you're happy that your going to have all the house to yourself, because here you are doing your little happy dance.

It's going to be a great year!!

To learn more about what a fathers blessing is...click here.

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