Thursday, September 6, 2012

The night before school began.

After reading this post I was inspired to start a new tradition with the kids by choosing a 'back to school" quote with inspiring words that will help them spiritually thought the school year. I wish I would have thought of this tradition thirteen years ago, but better to start it late than never!

 I am grateful to start this tradition with our kids, and although Sierra will be in college next year we are going to strive to carry this tradition each year! So this is the quote that I chose for our family theme this year:

"The spirit is pure, 
and under the special control & influence of the Lord."
~Brigham Young

Last night Jon also said the most beautiful blessings to our girls, and this is one reason why I love being a member of this church

One thing we do as a family is have discussions about how to deal with certain situations. Because each child has their own individuality, and personality the advice that was given to comfort them is always different. As we were sitting down last night preparing for school, I really enjoyed the words of comfort that my better half advised them.... 
He mentioned to Chelsea that she should be wise in the friends she chooses, and to not judge them, but know the good side of them.

The advice he gave to Alexandra was that he hopes she will enjoy the companionship of her friends and to know that she is a daughter of Heavenly father who loves her very much and that we are pleased with all that she's accomplished thus far, and to continue to keep it up.
With Sierra being the oldest we really had a longer discussion, and the words that her dad said to her warmed my heart. 
His advice to her was to be mindful of others as she is going to be teaching the freshmen about morals. He also said for her to always have the courage to stand up in what she believes in and that as she teaches others in school that she will not be a wallflower, but a voice of reckoning and reason, and hopes that others will understand the truths that come from her heart. better half gives really great advice, and the blessings that were given to them were so beautiful! 

The girls all came home from school with smiles on their faces and a lot of papers for us to fill out. It's always the parents that have homework the first day of school...not the kids. 

I'm so grateful for the tradition we have in giving a Father's blessing to our girls, and for the advice that was given to them. It keeps them grounded , and truly brings them comfort that'll last all year long!

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