Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My nerd girls.

As I was looking back at these pictures, and this post from last's hard to believe that another school year is about to begin.

I am a little reluctant for the girls to go back to school tomorrow, and although I vowed to strive to have a great day each day...I am feeling a little bit melancholy today. One thing I do know is that the choices they make this school year will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Especially for Sierra.

Sierra starts her senior year tomorrow, and she is ready. Ready to embark on her last adventure of public school. She won't have her plate as full as she did last year, but she is still heavily involved in extracurricular activities, and being the Laurel president over the young women in our church will keep her busy. She's excited, and anxiously awaits to fulfill her duties whether at church and school the best way she knows how.

Alexandra will be a seventh grader whose intelligence goes way beyond her level, and is the same height as Sierra (she's even taller than her when she wears small heels!) Lucky for her she is learning a lot from her older sister in the example that she has set when it comes to being a student. Alex is lucky to have her as a sister, and has learned so much from her when it comes to setting an example.

Chelsea is my second grader who wants to be everybody's friend, and wants everyone to know that they can come to her if anyone has a problem. She is the little adult in the group, and because she sees how her two older sisters are at being quick studies at just about everything...she wants to be just like them. I'll say to her, "Chelsea, you don't want to grow up too fast, you'll have plenty of time to do the things that they do, and when it is your turn it'll happen. And then, you'll be saying to yourself, "I'm so glad I learned first, waited, and then finally accomplished it!"

She definitely has her own, unique personality! Sometimes it scares me, sometimes it doesn't. 

Noah still has another year until he attends public school, and I look forward to spending my days with him. I'm in tears because he is talking in clearer sentences, and is getting taller each day! Hopefully he won't get too lonely being by himself. I'll make sure to take him out so that he can mingle with other 'small people'.
I have so much love for our children, and I love being their mother.
They are my joy.
They have so much to offer in this life, ambitions to fulfill, goals to accomplish, and they all have the potential to move mountains.

No matter how old they all get...they will always be my baby (nerd) girls, and boy!

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