Thursday, November 1, 2012


I heard on NPR yesterday that Governor Chris Christie postponed all trick or treating for all the townships in South Jersey for Monday, November 5. A little odd to still be celebrating Halloween next week while others are already preparing for Thanksgiving, but we are planning on doing it anyway.

Chelsea had her Halloween parade at school, and was still in costume when she got home. I had seen an announcement on Facebook earlier that a nearby mall was having an indoor trick or treating. While another township rebelled against Christi's announcement we decided to get Noah dressed and go to the mall to trick or treat!

After is Halloween!

My dear mother-in-law made this dinosaur costume for Noah last year, but it didn't fit. Well this year it fits him perfectly, and for the past two weeks he had been wearing it off and on. He was so excited too wear it so that he can pretend he's Godzilla. You should of heard his cute little "roar."
our sassy 50's girl...all she needs is some chewing gum, or a lollipop...that was arranged!
When we stepped foot inside the mall boy was it was madhouse! I think I'd rather walk through the crowds at Macy's in New York during the holidays than being surrounded by a bunch of unruly kids without any supervision. We still managed to get our share of the fun, and Noah and Chelsea enjoyed this event.
There were moments in which Chelsea would pull Noah's tail, and he eventually got tired of her doing that so he held on to it for dear life!
Most of the stores were giving away candy, and it's a good thing we got there at the time that it started because I think that it was all gone within a couple of hours!
all aboard...we're going to ride the "Dinosaur train."
This was indeed a different experience, but fun for the kids and that is all that mattered. If Halloween was postponed again due to a storm we probably would do this again. Our prayers continue to go out to those who are still without any power, or shelter. Especially those kids who probably won't have any kind of Halloween! 

We will be trick or treating in our borough on Monday...let's just hope these kids don't sick of candy! 

  I seriously doubt it!

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