Tuesday, November 6, 2012

an early start on a birthday with November treats.

November is the month in which prepares us for Thanksgiving as well as the Christmas season. It is the month when temperatures begin to drop in the evening as low as 39 degrees. It is the month where we begin to wear more scarves, gloves, boots, and less hoodies. It is the month of gloomy weather with sprouts of sunshine. It is the month in which we simply give without expecting a "thank you".

It is also the month of our son's birthday.

So with all that being written going trick or treating in November felt a little strange, but we did it anyway because of the kids.
And we had a blast! Just look at them! 
and we saw some many cool costumes!
Miss "thing"!
Our borough is so hype! Everyone decorated their houses so elaborately. I didn't go all out this year because of the hurricane, but these folks who live a few blocks away from us had the spirit of Halloween tucked in their heart, and saved it all for November. All the kids looked so happy to have finally gone trick or treating. This was so much better than going trick or treating at the mall last week!
After wearing his costume a few times Noah got used to walking with his tail. Sometimes it would give him a hard time especially when he had to walk up some stairs.
The night came quick because of the time change, and temperatures dropped to about 40 degrees. We decided to call it a night, and on our way home we stopped by a few houses that we missed because they weren't home yet. One neighbor obviously got cold and left their candy bowl out on their porch.

We all do that sometimes...don't we?
I think they forgot to write the word "Halloween", but we did leave happy though! Thanks for the note, and treats y'all!

We were out for about two hours, and boy did the kiddos come home with a lot of goodies!
Dinosaur candy
Now this is one thing that I hardly ever did with the girls, but I allowed Noah to eat as much candy as his little heart desired all evening long! Am I a bad mom for doing that? I'm only giving him an early start on his birthday week!

After all...he will be three this Friday.
"You better not pout"...you got plenty of candy son, and a birthday coming!
Now we are in the midst of preparing for a Nor'easter that is supposed to hit tomorrow. I continue to pray for those families who are still without electricity in Atlantic City as well as Staten Island. I pray that they will find ways to be warm. I pray many blessings upon those families. Hopefully the storm won't be too bad, but we are ready with the necessities, and all the candy that the kiddos received to comfort them.

I am eternally grateful for those simple necessities.

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