Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SS Atlantus On Sunset Beach.

Sometimes the wrong turn can take you to the coolest of places (or in our case sunset beach) where you can get a history lesson out of it. Jon had another day off from driving yesterday so instead of sleeping in, we decided to get out of the house to go for a drive towards the shore. I wanted to take him to the restaurant I ate at last week with the kids during spring break, and so after lunch we decided to just drive around cape may. First we drove past the lighthouse, then we passed a world war two watch tower, and when we got to the end of the road we saw a sign that read Sunset Beach, and because we love the beach we stopped. We then saw a piece of concrete sticking out of the water that resembled a huge shark's fin (that's what Noah called it), but that wasn't it at all. Apparently it is a leftover piece from a ship that was called the SS Atlantus. Not even sure this is blogworthy, but it was pretty interesting to have read about a ship that was made entirely out of concrete! It was a foggy day, but luckily the rain didn't come down until after we captured a few photos, but hopefully you can see a part of the shipwreck in the background in some of the pictures we took. 
Noah had too much fun running back and forth from the waves, and Jon had too much fun skipping rocks. This beach is full of pebbles so for those of you who have boys watch out cause mine liked throwing them into the water! 
We probably could have stayed here all day, but then the rain began to come down. That still didn't stop me from having fun with these two. Noah continued to run, throw pebbles, and splash in the water. Luckily he had his boots on.  (I have learned to have your child wear a pair of boots when going to the beach in the winter/spring) Me... I just stood there smiling taking photos. 
Before we left I asked Noah to take a photo of us, and as you can see he did a pretty good job at taking the first shot! Wow!! The next two had Jon's head half way cut off, and me walking away! Ha! ha! 
^^^ Our cute kid! He loves the rain, and stood for a while trying to get some in his mouth! ^^^
^^^ Even on gloomy days like this we can make our own fun, and bring our own sunshine. ^^^

For the most part this was a fun, sporadic outing, and if you like pebbled beaches, with a little bit of a history lesson check out Sunset beach. 
Tata for now! 

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