Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Noah At The Garden State Discovery Museum.

Funny how the Garden State Discovery Museum is right behind our back yard, yet in the seven years we've lived here we've never gone! Luckily we had a couple of free passes, and since Jon had the day off...again (he really does have a job you guys) we decided to take Noah to check this place out. I have to say that this particular museum was pretty cool. The first thing Noah noticed as we drove in and parked was the painters palette on the building. He asked if we were going to paint. I said to him that there are many things that we're going to do here, and for him to explore. He grew excited, and as we walked in his eyes grew pretty big because he saw a fishing boat! 
It has been nice having Jon with me on our outings these past few days, because I kind of get tired of taking selfies of Noah and I just so we can get everything in the background because as a mom I have to document every single picture right? Besides, Noah enjoys having him around too. Especially when there are a lot of hands-on activities that I'm not very good at such as golf, and hockey! Jon was there to help him putt, and I was there to smile, and capture a photo of him playing hockey and then scoring a goal on the jr. flyers rink. 
And how about these pictures that Noah took of us after making us an ice cream cone...
And this section where they have a bubble machine to make giant bubbles... 

Like most museums we've been to such as Fascinate-U in Fayetteville (which was the first one we've ever been to), and the Please touch museum this museum was a lot of fun. I was so impressed with the way Noah was serving me lunch at the diner. He was such a cute little chef. He has learned a lot from when we've gone out to eat by observing the servers. He was cordial, and polite. He even made sure my pizza had a lot of cheese, and that my burger was fresh! 
Couldn't leave without playing a game of checkers with papa...
I'm grateful for museums like this where our kids minds can expand, and imaginations wander, and grow with knowledge. Watching him "build a house" on the construction site, seeing him behind a news camera, a desk, driving an ambulance, and digging for bones pretending to be a paleontologist gives me hope that he will grow up to do something he loves. Whether it's blue collar, or white collar, sports, or a cook he'll do so well with any occupation! 
There was so much for him to do here, and play with. He certainly didn't want to go home. I would say that it literally took us about three hours to explore the whole museum. It was nice seeing him play nice with other kids. He's such a good boy, and watching the way he interacts, and plays well with other kids proves to me that he's going to do well when he starts kindergarten in the fall. I don't think he'll have a problem making friends at all. He had so much fun, and I'm so glad we finally brought him here. It's a good thing we waited to take him at this age, because when we took him to the Please touch museum he was barely two. I'm sure his mind wandered, but still it's so fun to take them at an age where they are familiar with certain things because they have experienced it in the real world. Every section of this museum was so much fun for Noah. He already wants to come back tomorrow! 

See ya later alligator! 

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