Monday, April 27, 2015

Noah-isms // Jersey Edition.

It's a little ironic how the movie Jersey Boys has been coming on tv lately, not that I've watched it through and through (they show it late at night, and it's a good thing because it's R-rated, and I end up dozing off), but I know it's an excellent story of a few jersey boys hitting it big with their music. Noah has become a  bit of a jersey boy with a little accent and all. He can be a bit bold, and outspoken, but when I feel he is passing a boundary I don't like (like being in a hurry, or not thinking before he speaks, and says something naughty) I will nip it to the bud. Since he's the only one in our family who was born in Jersey I don't ever want him to use the excuse, "sorry, I'm from Jersey and that's just how I am." Oh no, he is going to be one of the nicest Jersey boys to ever meet! I myself should teach him by example to be courteous to others, and to always, always think before you speak. Not that jersey folk are harsh, because there are some nice people around my neck of the woods, but can run into some with an attitude, and you eventually learn to build up a tolerance, and  learn to let it go. And that's exactly what I'm teaching my kids, especially Noah since he is definitely fitting the "jersey boy" fit (in a good way!)

Lately his choice phrases have been nice, and sweet, and here are a few...

There are moments where I'll tell Noah when he gets older to marry a very nice girl, his response, "I want to marry Amber mommy not Sophia." (from the cartoon Sophia the First)

"Mom and I need to brush my teeth all the time so they don't look like the Grinch." 

"Mommy why do you have a hole on your belly?"

"Chelsea and I broke Sierras ballerina picture. Please don't be mad at us mommy, please... we're your kids."

Lately we've gone on a couple of road trips and I've been quite surprised with the behavior of Chelsea and Noah. Sometimes chelsea will sit in the backseat because Noah gets annoyed with her. After driving for an hour Chelsea asked, "can I sit up there now?" I then say, " Only if y'all dont kill each other." Chelsea, and Noah in unison..."We won't mom." They played I spy happily ever peacefully for the rest of the drive. 

When we came home from general conference a couple weeks ago I was feeling a little bit melancholy.  I was thinking about the girls not being with us because they were in Utah at that time, and began to tear up. I then heard Noah go up to Chelsea, and say, "aww, mama crying Chelsea." He then walked towards me and gently sat on my lap and said to me,  "you miss your girls mom. you miss my Sierra and Lexie? I'm here too you know. "

"Spring is here, and the weather, and sunshine, and birds. We need a tent mommy to sleep outside. We need food, pillows, and a rock collection."

Not sure how long I'm going to be jotting down his saying since he'll start school this fall, but I'm keeping tabs for now, and will share as long as I can keep up with his fast talking. He's a sweet kid that bites his tongue whenever he hears a curse word, (he's in a stage where he's beginning to repeat what you say), and replaces it with cookie. 

For example: "What the cookie? Oh Gosh cookie, cookie." Seriously need to watch those PG-13 movies he watches with his sisters! It doesn't help either when we are out and about walking the streets in Philly, or new york! I'm grateful he doesn't repeat the actual naughty word! 

Happy Monday guys! 

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