Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cape May Lighthouse.

With spring break coming to an end (Chelsea's school resumes on Thursday...what???), and the weather changing from a whopping 78 degrees, and dropping to 48 within 24 hours we were deciding what what we could do that's simple, and fun. We are surrounded by so many lighthouses and I figured what the heck, let's go to the Cape May lighthouse. I have never been to this lighthouse, and even though the forecast called for rain we were crossing our fingers that it wouldn't come until way later so that the kids could have some time to run around and play in the beach. 

Luckily we made it to the lighthouse on time, and did all the touristy stuff. Normally when we've visited lighthouses we just take pictures of it, and then play on the beach. This time we actually entered inside, and climbed the 199 steps with pauses in between stopping where there were port hole windows to rest! Whew...what a workout! 
^^^ We finally made it to the top, and went outside to take in this beautiful view. ^^^
There was so much to see, and do and it's a beautiful area any time of day for a visit. There is also a small museum that's fun, and educational for the kids. There was no sunshine on this day, but nonetheless the kids had a blast, and went wild as they splashed in the water, and ran all around the beach! 
Chelsea has been itching to go to the beach since she saw the photos of Noah and I at Belmar. She got super excited when I told her about the lighthouse, and that we were going to go inside for once! It didn't matter to her if it was 45 degree weather! 
^^^ Cape May is indeed a quaint, and cozy beach town with colorful houses, shops, and flowers already planted. ^^^ 
On our way home we found a pretty good mexican restaurant. I am a pretty picky eater when it comes to any kind of mexican food, and i have to say I was pretty impressed with Cinco de Mayo, and we'll definitely come back for more! I give them four stars! 
Their tacos were delicious, and as you can see Noah is devouring his french fries. He's my carb boy. 

I'm so glad Chelsea got her beach fix as she returns to school tomorrow, and that these kids ran out all their days (except for Monday) of being cooped up when it rained. 
Once again it was a great day with these two kiddos! 

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